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737-Simulator compleet FOR SALE
737-Simulator compleet FOR SALE   image 1737-Simulator compleet FOR SALE   image 2737-Simulator compleet FOR SALE   image 3737-Simulator compleet FOR SALE   image 4737-Simulator compleet FOR SALE   image 5

737-Simulator compleet FOR SALE

€ 68744.63
€ 32975.21
Save 52.0%


Category Flight Simulation

Subcategory Flight Simulation

Availability In stock. Not available for mailorder
Not available for mailorder

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This product was added to our database on Friday 24 September 2021.

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Product description

737-NG 800 bestaande uit de volgende cockpit componenten (prijzen ex BTW):

737NG MIP € 14.250,- exclusief BTW

MIP configuration /†Fly-engravity, CP-flight, Flight Illusion

  • Full aluminium MIP stand including frame and glare shield
  • Full panel configuration with four monitors for PFD/ND/Upper and Lower EICAS
  • Two functional CDU's including CDU bay
  • Landing gear lever
  • Annunciators
  • Functional message A/T, A/P and FMC pushbuttons with test switch
  • Master and fire buttons and 'sixpack'
  • Full EPB backlighted panels
  • Complete with electronic components (switches, safety caps)
  • Flight illusion standby instruments plus flap- and brake pressure gauge
  • CP flight EFIS pro and MCP pro modules
  • Floodlight

Pedestal € 4.700,-†exclusief BTW

Full Pedestal bay including panel configuration /†Fly-engravity, CP-flight

  • Functional VHF(2x), NAV(2x), ADF(2x) and XPNDR (1x) modules
  • Functional rudder trim panel
  • Functional audio selector panel ( 2x), flood light panel
  • Stab trim panel, cargo fire panel
  • Functional WXR radar panel Functional ACARS printer Functional Fire panel
  • Aluminium powder coated pedestal bay
  • Aluminium cover plates
  • Painted DZUS replica's

Forward overhead panel € 3.600,-†exclusief BTW

FWD- overhead panel, including mounting frame and cover /†Open Cockpits

  • Full panel configuration including backlighted panels
  • Full functional annunciators
  • Functional Gauges
  • Fully Interfaced
  • FWD overhead SIOC Interfaces I/O cards configuration
  • USB connected

Aft overhead panel € 1.000,-†exclusief BTW

AFT-overhead panel, including mounting frame and cover /†Open Cockpits†(gedeeltelijk functioneel)

  • Full panel configuration (gedeeltelijk dummy niet werkende panels)
  • IRS display module

Frame voor monteren overhead€ 1.425,-†exclusief BTW

  • SimStructure†Aluminium constructie, ge-poedercoat in RAL7011 Voorbereid op raam-frame montage

Interior Liners € 1.700,- exclusief BTW

  • Captain en Co-pilot lower side walls Captain en Co-pilot eye brow liners Captain en Co-pilot front en side windows Captain en Co-pilot upper ceiling

Vloer Platform€ 750,- exclusief BTW

  • SimStructure Stalen vloer platform, bekleed met aluminum afdekplaten Verrijdbaar d.m.v. vier wielen en staande op vier stelpoten†

737NG-Throttle Quadrant / Motorized V4Pro †€ 4.800.-†exclusief BTW†/ CockpitForYou

  • Volledige metalen uitvoering
  • Throttle levers gemotoriseerd (DC-motors)
  • Speedbrake lever gemotoriseerd (servo's)
  • Trimwheels gemotoriseerd (DC-motor)
  • Trim indicators gemotoriseerd (servo's)
  • Functionele flaps lever
  • Functionele thrust reverse levers
  • Werkende TO/GA en A/T disengage buttons
  • Werkende Fuel cut-off levers
  • Werkende parking brake en parking brake indicator light Backlighted panels (warm white)

737NG-Column Yokes Captain en Copilot € 2.900,-†exclusief BTW†/ Agronn Replica dual stabilizer trim switch.

  • Real Aircraft buttons.
  • Windows based operating system.
  • Joystick card with 12 bits resolution.
  • LED WARNING for system connection.
  • USB connectivity.
  • Axis trim and dead zone settings.
  • Sealed game card box.
  • Hall effect sensor for each axis
  • No calibration required
  • Firmware updates via USB

737NG-Rudder Pedals Captain en Copilot € 1.650,-†exclusief BTW†/ Agronn Replica rudder pedals. Windows based operating system.

  • New game card with 12 BITS resolution.
  • Sealed game card box.
  • 3 Axes - Rudder and differential brakes.
  • Sensor for each axis.
  • Calibration required thru FSUIPC or Prosim737.
  • USB connection.

737NG-Tiller Wheel € 180,-†exclusief BTW†/ Open Cockpits Captain side tiller wheel

737NG Seats Captain en Copilot € 6.100,-exclusief BTW†/ FSC

  • IPECO style replica Captain en Copilot seats
  • Volledig instelbaar in hoogte Inclusief J-rail en blokkeer inrichting

Ultimate X Computersysteem i9 ††€ 4.600,-†exclusief BTW

  • INTEL i9-9600K Desktop Computer Systeem INTEL i7-9600K 4.4 Ghz Overclocked en Vloeistof gekoeld NVidia RTX2080Ti 11GB DDR5 (geschikt voor aansturing van 3 x Full HD Beamers of LED Beeldschermen)
  • Corsair 16GB DDR3 PC3200 Intern Geheugen
  • Samsung M.2. SSD's 2 x 1 TB (voor Windows 10 en Prepar3D V4.5 en Prosim737 v2.x)
  • WD 2TB Harddisk (voor setup en image backup)

Performance X Computersysteem i7† € 1.545,-†exclusief BTW

  • INTEL i7-4570 Desktop Computer Systeem
  • INTEL i7-4570K 3.4 Ghz 2 x NVidia GTX640 4GB DDR5 (voor aansturing van 4 LED Beeldschermen in de MIP)
  • 8GB DDR3 PC1600 Intern Geheugen
  • Samsung SSD's 2 x 250GB (voor Windows 10 en Prosim737 v2.x software)

Basic X Computersysteem i5 †€ 895,-†exclusief BTW

  • INTEL i5-4570 Desktop Computer Systeem INTEL i7-4570K 3.4 Ghz NVidia GTX630 2GB DDR5 (voor aansturing van Touchscreen Instructor Station)
  • 8GB DDR3 PC1600 Intern Geheugen
  • Samsung SSD's 1 x 250GB (voor Windows 10, Prosim737 v2.x software)

Overige benodigdheden t.b.v. Computer Omgeving+/-€ 1.200,-†exclusief BTW

  • 22 inch LED/Touchscreen t.b.v. Prosim737 InstructorStation
  • KVM Switch + Kabels
  • Toetsenbord Muis
  • Geluid Boxen (2 sets) + Kabels
  • Netwerk Switch + Kabels
  • Video Kabels (DVI,HDMI) naar beeldschermen of beamers (lengte later te bepalen)
  • Power Supply 220 Verdeelblok, beveiligd
  • Externe Harddisk t.b.v. Image Backup Computer rack

Retina Blue Visual Dome Fixed base 210 degrees dome† € 15.300,-††exclusief BTW†/ Agronn Screen material: seamless polyester fabric, white

  • Weight: 1050 g/m2
  • Angle: 220 degrees
  • Brightness: 1 gain
  • Dimensions: height 2150mm, length 10050mm Black color metal powder coated frame

3 x Full HD Projectors € 2.150,-†exclusief BTW /†Optoma

  • Short throw beamer Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) 4.000 ANSI Lumen†120Hz / 8.4ms inputlag

Totaal en aanbieding

Totaal : € 68.745,- exclusief BTW

Direct beschikbaar voor € 34.000,- exclusief BTW, exclusief demontage en montage

Software tbd

  • 4 x Windows 10 Home NL OEM 64bits License (€ 500,- euro p/s)
  • 1 x Flight Simulator Prepar3D V4.5 (€ 200,- )
  • 1 x Prosim737 V2.x Commercial License†
  • 1 x JetStream 737 Flight Model (€ 200,-)
  • 1 x FSUIPC V4 en WideFS (€ 60,-) 1 x Fly-elise Immersive Display Pro Warping software plus USB dongle € 430,- / Fly-elise

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