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220 products found
product Publisher/Brand Series/scale Price €
Aircraft Scale Modelling » Aircraft Scale Modelling Tools
Work Station (New price!)Work Station (New price!)Humbrol LtdAG9156€ 17.31
 A3 Cutting Mat (RED)Humbrol LtdHu9157A€ 14.01
Model FillerModel FillerHumbrol LtdAE3016€ 4.92
A4 Cutting MatA4 Cutting MatHumbrol LtdHu9155€ 6.57
Aircraft Scale Modelling » Aircraft Scale Modelling Tools » Brush/Kwast
Coloro Brush No 0Coloro Brush No 0Humbrol LtdAG4000€ 1.12
Coloro Brush No 2/0Coloro Brush No 2/0Humbrol LtdAG4030€ 1.12
Coloro Brush No 4Coloro Brush No 4Humbrol LtdAG4004€ 1.12
Coloro Brush No 2Coloro Brush No 2Humbrol LtdAG4002€ 1.12
Coloro Brush No 1Coloro Brush No 1Humbrol LtdAG4001€ 1.12
Evoco Brush  no 6Evoco Brush no 6Humbrol LtdAG4106€ 1.03
Evoco Brush  no 8Evoco Brush no 8Humbrol LtdAG4108€ 1.03
Evoco Brush  no 0Evoco Brush no 0Humbrol LtdAG4100€ 1.03
Evoco Brush  no 4Evoco Brush no 4Humbrol LtdAG4104€ 1.03
Evoco Brush  no 2Evoco Brush no 2Humbrol LtdAG4102€ 1.03
Evoco Brush  no 000Evoco Brush no 000Humbrol LtdAG4131€ 1.03
Palpo Sable air Brush  no 5/0Palpo Sable air Brush no 5/0Humbrol LtdAG4231€ 1.86
Palpo Sable air Brush  no 3/0Palpo Sable air Brush no 3/0Humbrol LtdAG4231€ 1.86
Palpo Sable air Brush  no 0Palpo Sable air Brush no 0Humbrol LtdAG4200€ 1.86
Detail Brush set with ultra fine Sable hair Brushes (00, 0, 1, 2)Detail Brush set with ultra fine Sable hair Brushes (00, 0, 1, 2)Humbrol LtdHAG4304€ 14.01
Flat Brush set with synthetic hair (3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm)Flat Brush set with synthetic hair (3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm)Humbrol LtdHAG4302€ 8.22
Stipple Brush set with Natural hair for painting and weathering (3,5,7,10)Stipple Brush set with Natural hair for painting and weathering (3,5,7,10)Humbrol LtdHAG4306€ 8.22
 Flat Brush set (3mm, 5mm, 7mm,10mm)Humbrol LtdHAG4130€ 7.40
 Detail Brush set with ultra fine synthetic hair Brushes (00, 0, 1, 2)Humbrol LtdHAG4301€ 14.01
 Palpo Sable air Brush set incl. no 000, no 0, no 2, No 4Humbrol LtdHAG4250€ 7.40
 Evoco Brush set incl. no 0, no 2, no 4 and no 6Humbrol LtdHAG4150€ 4.92
Aircraft Scale Modelling » Aircraft Scale Modelling Tools » Glue
Humbrol Liquid polyHumbrol Liquid polyHumbrol LtdAE2500€ 3.26
Precision poly cementPrecision poly cementHumbrol LtdAE2720€ 2.44
Aircraft Scale Modelling » Aircraft Scale ModellingPaint
 Silver Hobby SprayHumbrol Ltdad6011€ 5.74
Clear Satin VarnishClear Satin VarnishHumbrol LtdAC7435€ 5.74
 Fire OrangeHumbrol Ltdhu209€ 1.61
 Field grey (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu112€ 1.61
 Moonlight Blue (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu222€ 1.61
Clear Matt VarnishClear Matt VarnishHumbrol LtdAC7434€ 6.57
Decalfix 125mlDecalfix 125mlHumbrol LtdDecalfix€ 6.57
Gunmetal (Metalcote)Gunmetal (Metalcote)Humbrol Ltdhu27004€ 1.61
 Italian Red (Gloss)Humbrol Ltdhu220€ 1.61
 GreenHumbrol Ltdhu208€ 1.61
 Acrylic Matt White 34 PrimerHumbrol Ltdad6034€ 5.74
 Acrylic Matt Black 33 PrimerHumbrol Ltdad6033€ 5.74
RAF Hemp (Mat)RAF Hemp (Mat)Humbrol Ltdhu168€ 1.61
 Scarlet red (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu060€ 1.61
 Dark Green (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu149€ 1.61
 Primer (Mat)Humbrol Ltdhu001€ 1.61
Interior Green (Matt)Interior Green (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu226€ 1.61
 Dunkelgrun RLM83 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu253€ 1.61
 Oliv Grun RLM82 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu252€ 1.61
 Sandbraun RLM79 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu249€ 1.61
 Dunkelbraun RLM81 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu251€ 1.61
 Himmelblau RLM78 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu248€ 1.61
 Leichtblau RLM76 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu247€ 1.61
 Grauviolett RLM75 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu246€ 1.61
 Graugrun RLM74 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu245€ 1.61
 Grun RLM73 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu244€ 1.61
 Grun RLM72 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu243€ 1.61
 Schwarzgrun RLM70 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu241€ 1.61
 Grau RLM02 (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu240€ 1.61
 Racegreen (Gloss)Humbrol Ltdhu239€ 1.61
 Primer 1 Acrylic Hobby SprayHumbrol Ltdad6001€ 5.74
 Violet (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu042€ 1.61
 Dark flesh (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu234€ 1.61
 Arrow red (Gloss)Humbrol Ltdhu238€ 1.61
 Track Colour (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu173€ 1.61
 Pastel green (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu036€ 1.61
 Orange (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu046€ 1.61
Field grey (Matt)Field grey (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu111€ 1.61
 Pastel blue (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu044€ 1.61
 Magenta (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu058€ 1.61
 Light Earth (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu119€ 1.61
PRU Blue (Matt)PRU Blue (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu230€ 1.61
 Acrylic Thinner 125mlHumbrol LtdTHINNER€ 4.92
 Humbrol Clear GlossHumbrol Ltdad7431€ 5.74
 Acrylic Satin Varnish 135 Hobby SprayHumbrol Ltdad6135€ 5.74
 Acrylic Matt Varnish 49 Hobby SprayHumbrol Ltdad6049€ 6.57
 Acrylic Gloss Varnish 35 Hobby SprayHumbrol Ltdad6035€ 5.74
 Enamel Gloss Varnish 35 Hobby SprayHumbrol Ltdad6997€ 6.57
 Enamel Satin Varnish 135 Hobby SprayHumbrol Ltdad6999€ 6.57
 Enamel Matt Varnish 49 Hobby SprayHumbrol Ltdad6998€ 5.74
Polished Steel (Metalcote)Polished Steel (Metalcote)Humbrol Ltdhu27003€ 1.61
Polished Aluminium (Metalcote)Polished Aluminium (Metalcote)Humbrol Ltdhu27002€ 1.61
Aluminium (Metalcote)Aluminium (Metalcote)Humbrol Ltdhu27001€ 1.61
Middle Stone (Matt)Middle Stone (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu225€ 1.61
Dark Slate Grey (Matt)Dark Slate Grey (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu224€ 1.61
Black (Metallic)Black (Metallic)Humbrol Ltdhu201€ 1.61
Pink (Gloss)Pink (Gloss)Humbrol Ltdhu200€ 1.61
Light Grey (Satin)Light Grey (Satin)Humbrol Ltdhu196€ 1.61
Dark Green (Satin)Dark Green (Satin)Humbrol Ltdhu195€ 1.61
Chrome Silver (Metaliic) FS 17178Chrome Silver (Metaliic) FS 17178Humbrol Ltdhu191€ 1.61
Brown (Matt) FS 30117Brown (Matt) FS 30117Humbrol Ltdhu186€ 1.61
Antique Bronze (Metaliic)Antique Bronze (Metaliic)Humbrol Ltdhu171€ 1.61
Signal Red (Satin)Signal Red (Satin)Humbrol Ltdhu174€ 1.61
RAF Barley Grey (Satin) BS 4800/18/B21RAF Barley Grey (Satin) BS 4800/18/B21Humbrol Ltdhu167€ 1.61
Light Aircraft Grey (Satin) BS 627Light Aircraft Grey (Satin) BS 627Humbrol Ltdhu166€ 1.61
Dark Sea Grey (Satin) BS 638Dark Sea Grey (Satin) BS 638Humbrol Ltdhu164€ 1.61
Dark Green (Satin) BS 641Dark Green (Satin) BS 641Humbrol Ltdhu163€ 1.61
German Camouflage Red Brown (Matt)German Camouflage Red Brown (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu160€ 1.61
Khaki Drab (Matt)Khaki Drab (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu159€ 1.61
Insignia Yellow (Matt) FS 33538Insignia Yellow (Matt) FS 33538Humbrol Ltdhu154€ 1.61
Insignia Red (Matt)Insignia Red (Matt)Humbrol Ltdhu153€ 1.61
Forest Green (Matt) FS 31136Forest Green (Matt) FS 31136Humbrol Ltdhu150€ 1.61
Radome Tan (Matt) FS 33613Radome Tan (Matt) FS 33613Humbrol Ltdhu148€ 1.61

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