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Aircraft Scale Modelling Tools

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598 products found
product Publisher/Brand Scale Price €
Star dust White Weathering pigmentsStar dust White Weathering pigmentsCMKSD11€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
Star dust Copper Weathering pigmentsStar dust Copper Weathering pigmentsCMKMD52€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
Tweezer with fine tipsTweezer with fine tipsPlus model024€ 10.70EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Non hardenend tip tweezerNon hardenend tip tweezerPlus model022€ 10.70EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Tweezer with flat tipsTweezer with flat tipsPlus model026€ 10.70EU: incl. tax € 12.95
hardenend tip tweezerhardenend tip tweezerPlus model023€ 10.70EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Crossed type tweezerCrossed type tweezerPlus model021€ 10.70EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Tweezer with extended tipsTweezer with extended tipsPlus model025€ 10.70EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Star dust Vietnam Earth Weathering pigmentsStar dust Vietnam Earth Weathering pigmentsCMKSD04€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
Star dust Dark Rust Weathering pigmentsStar dust Dark Rust Weathering pigmentsCMKSD01€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
Star dust Light Dust Weathering pigmentsStar dust Light Dust Weathering pigmentsCMKSD07€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
Star dust Dark Earth Weathering pigmentsStar dust Dark Earth Weathering pigmentsCMKSD05€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
Star dust Light Rust Weathering pigmentsStar dust Light Rust Weathering pigmentsCMKSD02€ 5.95
€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
Save 16.8%
Star dust Light Earth Weathering pigmentsStar dust Light Earth Weathering pigmentsCMKSD08€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
Star dust Brick dust Weathering pigmentsStar dust Brick dust Weathering pigmentsCMKSD09€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
Star dust Sandy dust Weathering pigmentsStar dust Sandy dust Weathering pigmentsCMKSD03€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
Star dust Dark Dust Weathering pigmentsStar dust Dark Dust Weathering pigmentsCMKSD06€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
Star dust Black smut Weathering pigmentsStar dust Black smut Weathering pigmentsCMKSD10€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
Sprue cutterSprue cutterExcel Hobby blades55594€ 11.53EU: incl. tax € 13.95
Tamiya Masking Tape 40mmTamiya Masking Tape 40mmTamiya87063€ 6.57EU: incl. tax € 7.95
Sanding StickSanding StickExcel Hobby blades55678€ 7.40EU: incl. tax € 8.95
Sanding Belt AssortmentSanding Belt AssortmentExcel Hobby blades55679€ 9.88EU: incl. tax € 11.95
Modelers Knife SetModelers Knife SetExcel Hobby blades44283€ 31.95
€ 24.75EU: incl. tax € 29.95
Save 6.3%
Medium Duty Knife (K2) with 5 Assorted BladesMedium Duty Knife (K2) with 5 Assorted BladesExcel Hobby blades19002€ 7.40EU: incl. tax € 8.95
Modelers Knife K1 and K2 with assorted blade setModelers Knife K1 and K2 with assorted blade setExcel Hobby blades19062€ 10.70EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Light Duty Knife (K1) with 5 Assorted BladesLight Duty Knife (K1) with 5 Assorted BladesExcel Hobby blades19001€ 5.74EU: incl. tax € 6.95
Modelbouwset (Sprue cutter, File, Tweezers, hobby knife)Modelbouwset (Sprue cutter, File, Tweezers, hobby knife)Revell29619€ 9.88EU: incl. tax € 11.95
Model schilderset (Penselen, reiniger en pipetten)Model schilderset (Penselen, reiniger en pipetten)Revell29620€ 6.57EU: incl. tax € 7.95
no.2 Long Straight Edgeno.2 Long Straight EdgeExcel Hobby blades20002€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
Plasto Modelling PuttyPlasto Modelling PuttyRevell39607€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
MagnavisorMagnavisorExcel Hobby blades7022€ 29.95
€ 18.97EU: incl. tax € 22.95
Save 23.4%
 Decal ScissorsTamiya74031€ 20.62EU: incl. tax € 24.95
Ultra Fine Needle Point Scriber replacement NeedlesUltra Fine Needle Point Scriber replacement NeedlesCreations UnlimitedFLX6115€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
PipettensetPipettensetRevell38370€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
No.2 Medium Duty KnifeNo.2 Medium Duty KnifeExcel Hobby blades16002€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
 Straight HemostatSquadronSQ10502€ 7.40EU: incl. tax € 8.95
Parts PlacerParts PlacerBare Metal Foil Co.BMF-20€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
Tamiya Masking Tape 6 mmTamiya Masking Tape 6 mmTamiya87030-250€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
Flex-set & Flex-pad 5pc Intro-setFlex-set & Flex-pad 5pc Intro-setCreations UnlimitedFLX0525€ 13.18EU: incl. tax € 15.95
Flex-set, Flexi-file & Flex-padsFlex-set, Flexi-file & Flex-padsCreations UnlimitedFLX550€ 24.75EU: incl. tax € 29.95
 Scribing ToolSquadronSQ10202€ 12.36EU: incl. tax € 14.95
No.1 KnifeNo.1 KnifeExcel Hobby blades16001€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
No.5 KnifeNo.5 KnifeExcel Hobby blades16005€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
 Seitenschneider, wire cutterRevell39000€ 8.22EU: incl. tax € 9.95
4 1/2" Pointed Tweezer4 1/2" Pointed TweezerExcel Hobby blades30412€ 6.57EU: incl. tax € 7.95
JLC Spare Razor blade SawJLC Spare Razor blade SawJLC ModelsP001€ 2.07EU: incl. tax € 2.50
Mini FilesMini FilesExcel Hobby blades55608€ 14.01EU: incl. tax € 16.95
Fine GritFine GritCreations UnlimitedFF320€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
Large Plastic ClampsLarge Plastic ClampsExcel Hobby blades55664€ 6.57EU: incl. tax € 7.95
Extra Fine GritExtra Fine GritCreations Unlimitedff600€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
4 1/2" Straight Gripping Tweezers4 1/2" Straight Gripping TweezersSquadronSQ10302€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
5 assorted Blades For 1,3 Handles5 assorted Blades For 1,3 HandlesExcel Hobby blades20014€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
Touch `n Flow glue ApplicatorTouch `n Flow glue ApplicatorCreations UnlimitedFLX0711€ 8.22EU: incl. tax € 9.95
Brass Folding ToolBrass Folding ToolAirwavesAEM022€ 7.95
€ 5.74EU: incl. tax € 6.95
Save 12.6%
Modelers Deluxe tool SetModelers Deluxe tool SetExcel Hobby blades44289€ 73.51EU: incl. tax € 88.95
 Sprue NipperSquadronSQ10206€ 9.88EU: incl. tax € 11.95
No.11 Fine Point Blade (Ex X211 Xacto)No.11 Fine Point Blade (Ex X211 Xacto)Excel Hobby blades20011€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
Part PickerPart PickerExcel Hobby blades70004€ 8.22EU: incl. tax € 9.95
 Paint StirrersTamiya74017€ 6.57EU: incl. tax € 7.95
Fine Grit Flex pad (single Flex-Pad Files)Fine Grit Flex pad (single Flex-Pad Files)Creations UnlimitedFLX3200€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
6 1/2" Self Closing Pointed Tweezer6 1/2" Self Closing Pointed TweezerExcel Hobby blades30414€ 6.57EU: incl. tax € 7.95
Modelers Deluxe Knife SetModelers Deluxe Knife SetExcel Hobby blades44286€ 52.85EU: incl. tax € 63.95
No.21 Fine Angle BladeNo.21 Fine Angle BladeExcel Hobby blades20021€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
Modelers Knife SetModelers Knife SetExcel Hobby blades44282€ 23.10EU: incl. tax € 27.95
Vlakke PenselenVlakke PenselenRevell29610€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
90` Bend Micro Tweezers90` Bend Micro TweezersSquadronSQ10301€ 7.40EU: incl. tax € 8.95
Coarse Grit Flex padCoarse Grit Flex padCreations UnlimitedFLX1500€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
Ultra Fine Needle Point ScriberUltra Fine Needle Point ScriberCreations UnlimitedFLX6114€ 10.70EU: incl. tax € 12.95
4 1/2" Fine Point Micro Tweezers4 1/2" Fine Point Micro TweezersSquadronSQ10303€ 7.40EU: incl. tax € 8.95
Medium GritMedium GritCreations Unlimitedff280€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
6 Assorted Files6 Assorted FilesExcel Hobby blades55667€ 13.18EU: incl. tax € 15.95
ScissorScissorExcel Hobby blades55612€ 7.95
€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
Save 25.2%
2.5 Micro Hobby Scissors2.5 Micro Hobby ScissorsSquadronSQ10401€ 6.57EU: incl. tax € 7.95
Flex-i-file Starter setFlex-i-file Starter setCreations UnlimitedFLX0700€ 13.18EU: incl. tax € 15.95
3.5 Micro Hobby Scissors3.5 Micro Hobby ScissorsSquadronSQ10402€ 8.22EU: incl. tax € 9.95
Tamiya Masking Tape 18 mmTamiya Masking Tape 18 mmTamiya87032-350€ 7.40EU: incl. tax € 8.95
Pin Vise (Boorhouder)Pin Vise (Boorhouder)Excel Hobby blades55661€ 8.22EU: incl. tax € 9.95
 Triple Grit Polisher/FinisherCreations UnlimitedFLX3210€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
No.16 Fine Angle BladeNo.16 Fine Angle BladeExcel Hobby blades20016€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
One Drop Dispenser with Fine & Extra Fine TubesOne Drop Dispenser with Fine & Extra Fine TubesCreations UnlimitedFLX6003€ 6.57EU: incl. tax € 7.95
Mitre Box SetMitre Box SetExcel Hobby blades55666€ 18.97EU: incl. tax € 22.95
Flex-I-File set (3 in 1)Flex-I-File set (3 in 1)Creations UnlimitedFLX0301€ 26.40EU: incl. tax € 31.95
Modelers Deluxe tool Set (Ships)Modelers Deluxe tool Set (Ships)Excel Hobby blades44291€ 82.95
€ 57.81EU: incl. tax € 69.95
Save 15.7%
Medium Grit Flex padMedium Grit Flex padCreations UnlimitedFLX2800€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
no.10 Small Curved Bladeno.10 Small Curved BladeExcel Hobby blades20010€ 2.44EU: incl. tax € 2.95
 Saw FrameExcel Hobby blades55671€ 18.14EU: incl. tax € 21.95
 No.24 Sharp Angle BladeExcel Hobby blades20024€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
Snap Blade KnifeSnap Blade KnifeExcel Hobby blades16010€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
Mitre BoxMitre BoxExcel Hobby blades55665€ 11.53EU: incl. tax € 13.95
JLC Razor blade Saw with handleJLC Razor blade Saw with handleJLC ModelsP002€ 7.40EU: incl. tax € 8.95
Tamiya Masking Tape 10 mmTamiya Masking Tape 10 mmTamiya87031-280€ 4.92EU: incl. tax € 5.95
Assorted Files with handleAssorted Files with handleExcel Hobby blades55668€ 14.83EU: incl. tax € 17.95
Small Plastic ClampsSmall Plastic ClampsExcel Hobby blades55663€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95
Stamp Point Decal TweezerStamp Point Decal TweezerSquadronSQ10304€ 8.22EU: incl. tax € 9.95
No.12 sharp edgeNo.12 sharp edgeExcel Hobby blades20012€ 2.44EU: incl. tax € 2.95
No.13 Saw BladeNo.13 Saw BladeExcel Hobby blades20013€ 3.26EU: incl. tax € 3.95
4 1/2" Self Closing Pointed Tweezer4 1/2" Self Closing Pointed TweezerExcel Hobby blades30413€ 5.74EU: incl. tax € 6.95
X Fine Grit Flex pad (Single Flex Pad File)X Fine Grit Flex pad (Single Flex Pad File)Creations UnlimitedFLX6000€ 4.09EU: incl. tax € 4.95

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