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Aircraft Scale Modelling

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55217 products found
product Publisher/Brand Scale Price €
4 1/2" Straight Gripping Tweezers4 1/2" Straight Gripping TweezersSquadronSQ10302€ 4.92
4 1/2" Fine Point Micro Tweezers4 1/2" Fine Point Micro TweezersSquadronSQ10303€ 7.40
90` Bend Micro Tweezers90` Bend Micro TweezersSquadronSQ10301€ 7.40
6 Assorted Files6 Assorted FilesExcel Hobby blades55667€ 13.18
no.10 Small Curved Bladeno.10 Small Curved BladeExcel Hobby blades20010€ 2.44
French AF, Battle of France Camouflage Color ChartFrench AF, Battle of France Camouflage Color ChartIliad designCC010€ 9.88
Japanese Naval Air Force Aircraft Camouflage Color ChartJapanese Naval Air Force Aircraft Camouflage Color ChartIliad designCC012€ 9.88
2.5 Micro Hobby Scissors2.5 Micro Hobby ScissorsSquadronSQ10401€ 6.57
Brass Folding ToolBrass Folding ToolAirwavesAEM022€ 5.74
Flex-I-File set (3 in 1)Flex-I-File set (3 in 1)Creations UnlimitedFLX0301€ 26.41
 Straight HemostatSquadronSQ10502€ 7.40
Snap Blade KnifeSnap Blade KnifeExcel Hobby blades16010€ 3.26
 Seitenschneider, wire cutterRevell39000€ 8.22
Flex-i-file Starter setFlex-i-file Starter setCreations UnlimitedFLX0700€ 13.18
Modelers Deluxe tool SetModelers Deluxe tool SetExcel Hobby blades44289€ 73.51
 Decal ScissorsTamiya74031€ 20.62
Modelers Deluxe Knife SetModelers Deluxe Knife SetExcel Hobby blades44286€ 52.85
 Saw FrameExcel Hobby blades55671€ 18.14
Touch `n Flow glue ApplicatorTouch `n Flow glue ApplicatorCreations UnlimitedFLX0711€ 8.22
One Drop Dispenser with Fine & Extra Fine TubesOne Drop Dispenser with Fine & Extra Fine TubesCreations UnlimitedFLX6003€ 6.57
Ultra Fine Needle Point Scriber replacement NeedlesUltra Fine Needle Point Scriber replacement NeedlesCreations UnlimitedFLX6115€ 4.09
Civil New Aer Lingus Dark GreenCivil New Aer Lingus Dark GreenXtra ColorX311€ 1.61
RAF Dark Slate GreyRAF Dark Slate GreyXtra ColorX025€ 1.61
 SU27 Flanker Blue-GreyXtra ColorX603€ 1.61
 MIG29 Fulcrum Grey-GreenXtra ColorX611€ 1.61
Japanese WW2 Army GreenJapanese WW2 Army GreenXtra ColorX351€ 1.61
Japanese WW2 Army GreyJapanese WW2 Army GreyXtra ColorX352€ 1.61
RAF Light Stone (BS361)RAF Light Stone (BS361)Xtra ColorX029€ 1.61
Luftwaffe WW2 Sandbraun (RLM79a)Luftwaffe WW2 Sandbraun (RLM79a)Xtra ColorX224€ 1.61
RAF Blue Grey (BS633)RAF Blue Grey (BS633)Xtra ColorX013€ 1.61
British Army Helicopter Olive (BS220)British Army Helicopter Olive (BS220)Xtra ColorX027€ 1.61
RN Helicopter Olive Drab (BS298)RN Helicopter Olive Drab (BS298)Xtra ColorX028€ 1.61
Radome Tan (FS13613)Radome Tan (FS13613)Xtra ColorX107€ 1.61
USMC Green (FS14052)USMC Green (FS14052)Xtra ColorX109€ 1.61
 SAC Blue/Green (FS14159)Xtra ColorX118€ 1.61
SAC Tan/Green (FS14201)SAC Tan/Green (FS14201)Xtra ColorX119€ 1.61
Blue (FS15109)Blue (FS15109)Xtra ColorX124€ 1.61
Tan (FS10400)Tan (FS10400)Xtra ColorX145€ 1.61
Bright Blue (FS15183)Bright Blue (FS15183)Xtra ColorX146€ 1.61
Luftwaffe WW2 Grun (RLM80)Luftwaffe WW2 Grun (RLM80)Xtra ColorX215€ 1.61
Luftwaffe WW2 Dunkelblau (RLM24)Luftwaffe WW2 Dunkelblau (RLM24)Xtra ColorX218€ 1.61
Luftwaffe WW2 Leichtgrau (RLM63)Luftwaffe WW2 Leichtgrau (RLM63)Xtra ColorX221€ 1.61
Luftwaffe WW2 Grun (RLM72)Luftwaffe WW2 Grun (RLM72)Xtra ColorX222€ 1.61
Luftwaffe WW2 Grun (RLM73)Luftwaffe WW2 Grun (RLM73)Xtra ColorX223€ 1.61
Luftwaffe Current Grungrau (RAL7009)Luftwaffe Current Grungrau (RAL7009)Xtra ColorX256€ 1.61
Luftwaffe Current Steingrau (RAL7030)Luftwaffe Current Steingrau (RAL7030)Xtra ColorX257€ 1.61
Luftwaffe Current Quartzgrau (RAL7039)Luftwaffe Current Quartzgrau (RAL7039)Xtra ColorX259€ 1.61
Luftwaffe Current Quartzgrau (RAL7035)Luftwaffe Current Quartzgrau (RAL7035)Xtra ColorX260€ 1.61
Luftwaffe Current Dark Grey (RAL7023)Luftwaffe Current Dark Grey (RAL7023)Xtra ColorX263€ 1.61
Luftwaffe Current Graublau (RAL5008)Luftwaffe Current Graublau (RAL5008)Xtra ColorX264€ 1.61
Dark Blue Grey (FS15237)Dark Blue Grey (FS15237)Xtra ColorX126€ 1.61
Blue (FS15414)Blue (FS15414)Xtra ColorX127€ 1.61
True Blue (ANA501/FS15102)True Blue (ANA501/FS15102)Xtra ColorX152€ 1.61
Luftwaffe WW2 Dunkelbraun (RLM61)Luftwaffe WW2 Dunkelbraun (RLM61)Xtra ColorX219€ 1.61
Civil Federal Express PurpleCivil Federal Express PurpleXtra ColorX303€ 1.61
Civil Southwest Airlines Desert GoldCivil Southwest Airlines Desert GoldXtra ColorX305€ 1.61
Civil BMA BlueCivil BMA BlueXtra ColorX306€ 1.61
 Matt Canvas TanXtra ColorX401€ 1.61
 Matt Olive GreenXtra ColorX402€ 1.61
 Matt Flesh (Black)Xtra ColorX407€ 1.61
 Schokoladebraun (RAL8017)Xtra ColorX807€ 1.61
 DunkelgelbXtra ColorX805€ 1.61
RAF PRU PinkRAF PRU PinkXtra ColorX034€ 1.61
Luftwaffe WW1 Topside GreenLuftwaffe WW1 Topside GreenXtra ColorX241€ 1.61
Luftwaffe WW1 Topside PurpleLuftwaffe WW1 Topside PurpleXtra ColorX242€ 1.61
Luftwaffe WW1 Underside BlueLuftwaffe WW1 Underside BlueXtra ColorX243€ 1.61
 Matt German Uniform Field GreyXtra ColorX410€ 1.61
 Civil Asiana BuffXtra ColorX309€ 1.61
 French WW2 Vert FonceXtra ColorX391€ 1.61
 French Mirage 2000 Light Blue GrayXtra ColorX395€ 1.61
 French Mirage 2000 Dark Blue GrayXtra ColorX396€ 1.61
 Afrika Korps Sand/Grey (RAL7027)Xtra ColorX809€ 1.61
 British Deep Bronze GreenXtra ColorX814€ 1.61
 British Mid Bronze GreenXtra ColorX815€ 1.61
 Satin Varnish (Half-Glanzende Vernis) FlesXtra ColorXDSS€ 2.44
Alclad II Lacquer "Darkened aluminium" Spray paint only!Alclad II Lacquer "Darkened aluminium" Spray paint only!Alclad IIALC-103€ 6.57
Alclad II Lacquer "Pale burnt metal" Spray paint only!Alclad II Lacquer "Pale burnt metal" Spray paint only!Alclad IIALC-104€ 6.57
Alclad II Lacquer "Pale Gold" Spray paint only!Alclad II Lacquer "Pale Gold" Spray paint only!Alclad IIALC-108€ 6.57
Alclad II Lacquer "Magnesium" Spray paint only!Alclad II Lacquer "Magnesium" Spray paint only!Alclad IIALC-111€ 6.57
RFC Doped Natural FabricRFC Doped Natural FabricXtra ColorX021€ 1.61
NATO Green (BS283)NATO Green (BS283)Xtra ColorX018€ 1.61
Medium Grey (FS16251)Medium Grey (FS16251)Xtra ColorX132€ 1.61
 French WW2 Vert Fonce 2Xtra ColorX392€ 1.61
 MIL Mi28 Havoc Dark GreenXtra ColorX608€ 1.61
 British Dark EarthXtra ColorX817€ 1.61
Enamel Thinner 125mlEnamel Thinner 125mlHumbrol LtdTHINNER€ 5.74
Faded Olive DrabFaded Olive DrabXtra ColorX113€ 1.61
 Matt WhiteXtra ColorX405€ 1.61
Antonov AN2 (Falcon Air)Antonov AN2 (Falcon Air)Blue Rider1 : 72
€ 4.92
Albanian Air Force (Mig15, MiG19, Mig21, Il28)Albanian Air Force (Mig15, MiG19, Mig21, Il28)Blue Rider1 : 72
€ 5.74
Secret Hungarian Air Force (UFAG UC.1, Phonix C.1)Secret Hungarian Air Force (UFAG UC.1, Phonix C.1)Blue Rider1 : 72
€ 5.74
Astro-Hungarian Serial Numbers 1916-1918Astro-Hungarian Serial Numbers 1916-1918Blue Rider1 : 72
€ 5.74
Nieuport 11/17C, Spad, Camel Allied FightersNieuport 11/17C, Spad, Camel Allied FightersBlue Rider1 : 72
€ 5.74
Royal Siamese Air Force (Spad, Nieuport)Royal Siamese Air Force (Spad, Nieuport)Blue Rider1 : 72
€ 5.74
Jagdstaffel 18 "Raben" (Fokker DVII)Jagdstaffel 18 "Raben" (Fokker DVII)Blue Rider1 : 72
€ 5.74
Phoenix DI,DII (Flik 14, Flik 55, Flik 60,Flik 63)Phoenix DI,DII (Flik 14, Flik 55, Flik 60,Flik 63)Blue Rider1 : 72
€ 5.74
Colourful Pup (RAF)Colourful Pup (RAF)Blue Rider1 : 72
€ 5.74
Imperial Russian Air Service & Navy 1914-1917Imperial Russian Air Service & Navy 1914-1917Blue Rider1 : 72
€ 5.74
Jasta 11 & Jasta 27 (Fokker Dr1)Jasta 11 & Jasta 27 (Fokker Dr1)Blue Rider1 : 72
€ 5.74
Carinthian Air War part 3: Austrian Air Units (Albatros DIII, Hansa B1)Carinthian Air War part 3: Austrian Air Units (Albatros DIII, Hansa B1)Blue Rider1 : 72
€ 5.74

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