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A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION
A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 1 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 2 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 3 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 4 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 5 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 6 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 7 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 8 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 9 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 10 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 11 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 12 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 13 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 14 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 15 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 16 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 17 A320 Family Immersion (download)  A320IMMERSION image 18

A320 Family Immersion (download) (FSFX Packages A320IMMERSION)

€ 22.73
EU: incl. tax € 27.50
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Category:Flight Simulation
Subcategory:FSX Aircraft
Series:FSX, P3D
Publisher/Brand:FSFX Packages
Availability:In stock

This product was added to our database on Friday 16 December 2016.

This product is available for download immediately after confirmation of receipt of payment. By accepting our terms and conditions confirms that the statutory 14 days right of withdrawal for internet purchases by EU residents will not be applicable to this product and the buyer waives his right of recall.

Category Flight Simulation, Subcategory FSX Aircraft, ISBN/Box A320IMMERSION, Series FSX, P3D, Publisher/Brand FSFX Packages, Version download

A320 Family Immersion
Magnificent Effects for all your Flights!

IMPORTANT: Effects package for the Aerosoft A318, A319, A320 and A321

Get the best out of your Aerosoft Airbus A320 series aircrafts with our perfectly tailored effects package! A320 Family Immersion is a breathtaking effects package that will bring your Airbus to life!

We are proud to release our brand new effects package featuring the Aerosoft Airbus Family A320. The Airbus A320 Family is one of the most popular series of aircrafts around the world and we are glad to provide it with the utmost quality effects on the market! Experience flight like you’ve never done it before! We hope you’ll love the product as much as we had fun creating it!

Performance at first

After many years of flying in the community, it was clear from the start that performance was going to be an important factor for the success of this product. Therefore, after several hundreds of hours testing with some of the big names of the community, we think we have reached the perfect balance between beauty, memory usage and framerate.
Wing condensation
Watch the gallery

Take the most out of a foggy morning departure with A320 Family Immersion! Imagine flying out of Zurich with your favorite Airbus’ wing full of condensation! This is A320 Family Immersion! Our awe-inspiring wing condensation will truly give pilots a sense of the greatness of lift!
Engine condensation
Watch the gallery

Feel the thrust of your engines with FSFX Packages’ custom-made engine condensation, exclusively tailored for the A320 Family! Experience unique engine condensation effects for the A320 Family. Quality effects as seen in the videos of greatest YouTube’s Flight Sim videographers!
Jet wash
Watch the gallery

Do you know what is as cool as engine condensation when thrust is applied? The end result! Jet wash effects with A320 Family Immersion have been greatly enhanced and provide a very realistic environment around the aircraft! A320 Family Immersion jet wash effects will aggrandize the power of your A320 engines!
Watch the gallery

A320 Family Immersion provides the world’s most advanced contrails depiction ever, highlighting a set of custom-made contrails that fits the A320 Family right on! No more flat and dull contrails for your A320 Family aircrafts with A320 Family Immersion! Higher contrasts, higher resolution and hence, A320 Family Immersion is a synonym of happier high flyers!
Volumetric lighting
Watch the gallery

When we crafted this feature for the A320 Family Immersion, we were astounded! We were speechless before such a sight! Volumetric lighting on the A320 Family looks awesome! It is as if A320 Family Immersion gave the A320 Family a perfect combination between a light show and arts in foggy and misty conditions. Early morning departures will never look the same with volumetric lighting!
+ many other effects
Watch the gallery

New touchdown effect for your hard landings, new engine start-up smoke under cold conditions and new brake dust effect when retracting the landing gear! Water vortex from the ground into the engine.

New install process

Our new home-made control panel, VFXCentral, now renders the installation process much easier and enjoyable. It also allows to customize your installation of A320 Family Immersion along the way. Furthermore, updates will be provided through the control panel and will include all your FSFX Packages under one roof.

Read more about VFXCentral...

An active Internet connection is required to install VFXCentral and A320 Family Immersion.
The entire series

A320 Family Immersion is exclusively made available for the Aerosoft Airbus A318, A319, A320 and A321. Part of our famous Immersion series, the A320 Family Immersion is now looking better than ever with effects tailored to fit perfectly with the Airbus performance!
Works for you

A320 Family Immersion is compatible with all popular texture enhancement add-ons and weather engines available for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.

If you fly in FSX with DirectX 10 enabled, you must convert newly installed A320 Family Immersion effects using SteveFX's DX10 Scenery Fixer.

The SteveFX DX10 Scenery Fixer is not included in this package.
Ready for capture

Our goal with this product is to extract the beauty of the weather interacting with the aircraft and bring those effects to flight simmers. While doing so, we optimized every effects to make the job easier for virtual photographs and video producers. Visual effects can be displayed in a slow motion environment without spreading apart like they usually do with default effects, making it ideal for today's Flight Sim recording techniques.
Minimum Requirements

Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 or Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321
Windows 7 or above (32 or 64 bits)
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with SP2 or Acceleration Pack)
or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.5 or above
.NET Framework 4.5.2 or above
FSUIPC (Free or Paid version)

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