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A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D
A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 1A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 2A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 3A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 4A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 5A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 6A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 7A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 8A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 9A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 10A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 11A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 12A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 13A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 14A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 15A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 16A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 17A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 18A400M (download version)  5060094402338-D image 19

A400M (download version)


€ 8.22

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Series FS2004, FSX

Publisher/Brand Wilco

Version Download

Category Flight Simulation

Subcategory FSX Aircraft

Availability In stock

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This product was added to our database on Friday 8 August 2014.

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Product description
The A400M was designed according to the joint prerequisites from the seven countries participating in the project (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Turkey). The aircraft covers different tactical transport, logistical, humanitarian and peace-keeping needs.

A400M offers to the air transport world a modern, multi-role airlifter which will replace the ageing fleets of C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transall in service with the air forces around the world.

This new aircraft guarantees far superior performance and characteristics as compared to competitors : double load capacity, greater cruising speed and range, optimum capabilities for low-altitude flights.

The A400M provides excellent soft field capabilities and requires short runway length, both for take-off and landing.


Highly detailed replica of the Airbus A400M
GMax exterior/interior models
NEW : Flight Simulator X Viewpoints : Gear, Wing, Cargo,...
Complete and detailed 2D cockpit
3D Interactive Virtual Cockpit
Fully textured 3D Cargo Bay with detailed interior
Numerous liveries : German Air Force, French Air Force, Camouflage, Spanish Air Force, Royal Air Force (green), Red Cross, Royal Air Force (grey), Belgian Air Force, French Air Force (dark), Turkish Air Force, Unicef, U.S.COAST GUARD (Liveries list available here)
Frame-rate friendly
Easy-to-use Paint Kit to create your own liveries (Photoshop required)

Unique flight characteristics
Sound effects
Numerous animations : Animated 3D pilots, reverses, hydraulic suspension, flaps, landing gear, cargo and pilots doors,...
Fly-By-Wire Flight Control System : bank angle limiter and automatic stall recovery system
NEW : Load manager for cargo and vehicles
NEW : 8-bladed propellers with de-icing and reversing features
High resolution reflectives textures, dynamic shine, realistic night lighting,…

NEW : Hotspots on the panel to access multiple 2D panels
Vector gauges for the Primary Flight Display, ND, Engine/Warning Display and System Display
NEW : Head Up Display (HUD) with basic navigation instruments
NEW : Realistic FMGC: new Airbus generation with large digital clickable screen
SIDs and STARs included in the FMS database
ND with arc, rose, nav and plan mode
Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with multiple callouts
Pop up EFIS screens for multi-monitor displays, resizable and detachable for any additional monitor use
Traffic and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)
Warnings and caution messages
Multi Function Display including NAV, Plan, Rose, Radio modes,…
Accurate AutoPilot control panel simulating almost all the features : Speed, Heading, Altitude mode, ILS approach mode, Autoland, Flight Path Angle, Speed mode.
Battery and generators switches fully operative with corresponding action
APU startup/shutdown sequences simulated with all the corresponding EICAS messages
Anti-ice and lights sub-panels with active switches
HARDWARE Compatibility : the Go Flight modules & Track IR.

Some features may not be correctly rendered. Not all the represented systems are simulated. Wilco Fleet : A400M has been developed within the limits of confidentiality.

WILCO FLEET series is about quality product, available for anyone who wants realistic visuals and flight dynamics without the need of reading and learning hundreds of pages of manual.


Numerous liveries
Complete and detailed 2D panel
Interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit
Pilot's Guide with step-by-step procedures

Microsoft Flight Simulator X(Windows XP/Vista) / Flight Simulator 2004 (Windows XP) - Windows XP/Vista 32 bits - Pentium IV - 1.4 GHz - 256MB RAM - 32Mb Graphics - 160Mb Hard disk space.

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