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B737 Differential pressure & Cabin Altitude indicator (GSA-055 usb interfase required)  GSA-033

B737 Differential pressure & Cabin Altitude indicator (GSA-055 usb interfase required)


€ 235.50

Publisher/Brand Flight illusion

Category Flight Simulation

Subcategory B737NG Overhead Flight Illusion

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This product was added to our database on Saturday 3 May 2008.

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Mind: cockpit controls and instruments are delicate equipment intended for careful private use. Damage or functional failures as a result of negligent or careless handling of these equipment, or as a result of commercial application will not qualify for any warranty.

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Product description

B737 Differential pressure and cabin altitude indicator (dual needle).

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10.
FS2004, FSX, FSXSTEAM, P3D, XPlane
Prosim737, Project Magenta

You will need the GSA-55 to connect the gauge to the simulator.
You will need PMsystems from Project Magenta to get the gauge funtional.

This product is also part of the overhead instrument package.
See the product bundle package nr. GSA-OVH to find out more.

Simbuilding shouldn't be an expensive hobby. And reaching for a result that is close to reality should remain

affordable. That is why we try to offer the best price/quality ratio. And that's a lot of quality, if you keep

reading on.

Most compact instruments on the market:
There is no reason why a simulated instrument like a gauge must have the same dimension as the actual gauge. With

stepper motor driven G-STEP technology our gauges have a depth of approx. 1 inch or 25 mm. This reduces

dramatically the depth of your panel and allows for easy access and maintenance. Furthermore it reduces the

prices, because there is no housing.

Plug & Play:
Absolutely no programming. Not one single line of code. Just assign a gauge, a switch, a led to the respective

Flight Simulator function, which can be an instrument, a switch position or an annunciator light. The calibration

of each gauge is performed once in our software and is automaticly with each start of FS.

Daisy chained instruments:
Because your cable goes directly into any next gauge, you don't need a cluttering of cables from each instrument

to the central control unit. With the daisy chained instruments, you simply connect 1 instrument with the Central

Interface board. Spagetti times behind your panel are over.

G-STEP® technology:
Flight Illusion created this G-STEP® technology in order to overcome jerky movements and offer an acceptable

solution for spacing.
By using stepper motor instead of servo motors, the G-STEP® gauges are moving in exactly the same way as when seen

on the panel on screen.
Each full rotation of a needle is divided into 1080 steps, resulting in a smooth and precise indication with an

extreemly quick response time. And in crucial phases of your flight, this might be very important.

USB connection:
The Central Interface Module connects trhough a standard USB sokket. That allows for fast data transfer.

IMPORTANT: Warm white backlight.
Attachment screws NOT included.

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