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Amended or confirmed opening hours of the Luchtvaart Hobby Shop in Aalsmeerderbrug on the following dates:
Mo23-12Open 10-18 hrs
Tu24-12Open 10-16 hrs
Tu31-12Open 10-16 hrs
Aviation Megastore website is available without limitations. Orders are processed during shop operating hours.

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Aviation Humor/Comics

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34 products found
product Publisher/Brand Series Price €
First 100 years are tough: about 100 year aviation and KLMFirst 100 years are tough: about 100 year aviation and KLMMartin Leeuwis€ 16.47EU: incl. tax € 17.95
Chicken Wings 6 - Check Your SixChicken Wings 6 - Check Your SixChicken Wings€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
Verhaaltjes, het houdt niet opVerhaaltjes, het houdt niet opMartin Leeuwis€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
Chicken Wings 5 - Turning CrosswindChicken Wings 5 - Turning CrosswindChicken Wings€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
More yarns?More yarns?Martin Leeuwis€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
Verhaaltjes blijven komenVerhaaltjes blijven komenMartin Leeuwis€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
Meer verhaaltjesMeer verhaaltjesMartin Leeuwis€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
Ding Duck: Full PowerDing Duck: Full PowerSwamp€ 17.39EU: incl. tax € 18.95
Swamp Tour 2Swamp Tour 2Swamp€ 9.13EU: incl. tax € 9.95
OK one more yarn ..."OK one more yarn ..."Martin Leeuwis€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
Chicken Wings 4 - Gold RushChicken Wings 4 - Gold RushChicken Wings€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
Goeie ouwe tijdGoeie ouwe tijdMartin Leeuwis€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
Nog één verhaaltje dan...Nog één verhaaltje dan...Martin Leeuwis€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
Aviation HumorAviation HumorMartin Leeuwis€ 11.88EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Then and Now: Cartoons About Airline PilotsThen and Now: Cartoons About Airline PilotsUniv. of Temecula Press€ 18.30EU: incl. tax € 19.95
Veilig GevlogenVeilig GevlogenMartin Leeuwis€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
Tower SAY WHEN can I expect permission to landTower SAY WHEN can I expect permission to landMartin Leeuwis€ 11.88EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Say Chocks AwaySay Chocks AwayMartin Leeuwis€ 11.88EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Going Up SirGoing Up SirMartin Leeuwis€ 11.88EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Chicken Wings 3 - Think BigChicken Wings 3 - Think BigChicken Wings€ 13.72EU: incl. tax € 14.95
A Good Landing ... (is any landing you can walk from)A Good Landing ... (is any landing you can walk from)Martin Leeuwis€ 11.88EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Mike, Lima, Papa Say SomethingMike, Lima, Papa Say SomethingMartin Leeuwis€ 11.88EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Wing NutsWing NutsHappy Landings€ 18.30EU: incl. tax € 19.95
Chicken Wings 2: 'Full Throttle'Chicken Wings 2: 'Full Throttle'Chicken Wings€ 10.96EU: incl. tax € 11.95
Say Again & Say No More combined editionSay Again & Say No More combined editionMartin Leeuwis€ 11.88EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Chicken Wings: the First BookChicken Wings: the First BookChicken Wings€ 10.96EU: incl. tax € 11.95
Skyteam, I repeat, Fuelstate? Still countingSkyteam, I repeat, Fuelstate? Still countingMartin Leeuwis€ 10.96EU: incl. tax € 11.95
Mike, Lima, Papa Say  HeadingMike, Lima, Papa Say HeadingMartin Leeuwis€ 10.96EU: incl. tax € 11.95
Papa X-RayPapa X-RayHappy Landings€ 13.76EU: incl. tax € 15.00
Pie in the SkyPie in the SkyHappy Landings€ 16.47EU: incl. tax € 17.95
Fly Yellow Side UpFly Yellow Side UpHappy Landings€ 16.47EU: incl. tax € 17.95
Derry AirDerry AirHappy Landings€ 13.76EU: incl. tax € 15.00
Say Coffee or TeaSay Coffee or TeaMartin Leeuwis€ 10.96EU: incl. tax € 11.95
Longer Odds, Aviation anecdotesLonger Odds, Aviation anecdotesLong Odds Ltd€ 14.57EU: incl. tax € 15.88

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