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B737NG Accessories

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58 products found
product Publisher/Brand Series Price €
Potentiometer 10K.Potentiometer 10K.Opencockpits€ 10.70
B737 Dual rotary knob Type 8 LineB737 Dual rotary knob Type 8 LineOpencockpits€ 9.05
MOM-OFF-MOM switch with CAPMOM-OFF-MOM switch with CAPOpencockpits€ 6.57
ON-OFF-ON switch with CAPON-OFF-ON switch with CAPOpencockpits€ 6.57
USB Axes PLUS card V3USB Axes PLUS card V3OpencockpitsSIOC€ 29.71
B737 Cockpit stickers.B737 Cockpit stickers.Opencockpits€ 8.22
Fighter FMC V3 Black - Version 3Fighter FMC V3 Black - Version 3OpencockpitsSIOC€ 437.98
Indicator's PCB mounted : AmberIndicator's PCB mounted : AmberAvailable per special orderOpencockpits€ 2.07
Set of four TFTscreens and supports brackets for the Opencockpits dual MIP.Set of four TFTscreens and supports brackets for the Opencockpits dual MIP.Opencockpits€ 793.35
Servo-motor Tower ProServo-motor Tower ProOpencockpits€ 4.92
B737 Dual rotary knob Type 8B737 Dual rotary knob Type 8Opencockpits€ 9.05
LCD display Alphanumeric.LCD display Alphanumeric.OpencockpitsSIOC€ 18.97
Dimcontrol Card.Dimcontrol Card.OpencockpitsSIOC€ 33.02
Power supply 500w 3V, 5Vand 12V.Power supply 500w 3V, 5Vand 12V.Opencockpits€ 52.02
Outputs card (new version)Outputs card (new version)OpencockpitsSIOC€ 32.19
7 seg. digits assembled (5 digits) Colour : Amber7 seg. digits assembled (5 digits) Colour : AmberOpencockpitsSIOC€ 12.36
7 seg. digits assembled (5 digits) in the PCB with sockets. Colour: white7 seg. digits assembled (5 digits) in the PCB with sockets. Colour: whiteOpencockpitsSIOC€ 22.27
12 positions rotary switch12 positions rotary switchOpencockpits€ 3.26
8 positions rotary switch8 positions rotary switchOpencockpits€ 6.57
7 seg. digits assembled (6 digits) Colour : Amber7 seg. digits assembled (6 digits) Colour : AmberOpencockpitsSIOC€ 14.01
Opencockpits Standard grey knobOpencockpits Standard grey knobOpencockpits€ 2.44
B737 Knob type 2B737 Knob type 2Opencockpits€ 7.40
 10 cm Led strip warm whiteOpencockpits€ 1.61
Phidgets Advanced Servo ControllerPhidgets Advanced Servo ControllerPhidgets US€ 40.45
B737 Standard grey concentric knobB737 Standard grey concentric knobOpencockpits€ 4.92
B737 Anunciator holder ( 1 pieces)B737 Anunciator holder ( 1 pieces)Opencockpits€ 0.91
7 seg. digits assembled (3 digits)Colour : Amber7 seg. digits assembled (3 digits)Colour : AmberOpencockpitsSIOC€ 9.05
Display card cable.Display card cable.Opencockpits€ 3.26
USB Relays cardUSB Relays cardOpencockpitsSIOC€ 41.28
USB Stepper motors card.USB Stepper motors card.OpencockpitsSIOC€ 40.45
Encoder with pushbuttonEncoder with pushbuttonOpencockpits€ 4.09
LCD cardLCD cardOpencockpitsSIOC€ 28.06
Relays card.Relays card.OpencockpitsSIOC€ 31.36
USB Servo Motor CardUSB Servo Motor CardOpencockpitsSIOC€ 25.58
Keys Card.Keys Card.OpencockpitsSIOC€ 23.93
Phidgets Interface Kit 8/8/8 / 6 Port USB HubPhidgets Interface Kit 8/8/8 / 6 Port USB HubPhidgets US€ 124.75
Phidgets TextLCDPhidgets TextLCDPhidgets US€ 126.41
USB Outputs Card.USB Outputs Card.OpencockpitsSIOC€ 55.33
Potentiometer 10K.Potentiometer 10K.Opencockpits€ 2.44
Large Momentary MON-OFF-MOM switch SP (single pole)Large Momentary MON-OFF-MOM switch SP (single pole)Opencockpits€ 3.26
Large ON-OFF switch SP (single pole)Large ON-OFF switch SP (single pole)Opencockpits€ 2.44
Switch ON-OFF-ON Single poleSwitch ON-OFF-ON Single poleOpencockpits€ 2.44
Opencockpits round push button blackOpencockpits round push button blackOpencockpits€ 1.24
Input Connection Board.Input Connection Board.OpencockpitsSIOC€ 18.14
Parallel Cable.Parallel Cable.Opencockpits€ 7.40
B737 Aluminium DZUS fastener replica Not painted (x6)B737 Aluminium DZUS fastener replica Not painted (x6)Opencockpits€ 6.57
Expansion CardExpansion CardOpencockpitsSIOC€ 37.98
Outputs connection board.Outputs connection board.OpencockpitsSIOC€ 18.14
Master CardMaster CardOpencockpitsSIOC€ 55.33
Power Source 5V 1APower Source 5V 1AOpencockpits€ 11.53
Safety cap (red)Safety cap (red)Opencockpits€ 4.09
Safety cap (black)Safety cap (black)Opencockpits€ 4.09
Phidgets Dual relay driver boardPhidgets Dual relay driver boardPhidgets US€ 20.62
Power Supply AdapterPower Supply AdapterPhidgets US€ 19.79
Toggle Caps White Small (package of 10pcs)Toggle Caps White Small (package of 10pcs)Engravity€ 5.74
Toggle Caps White Large (package of 10 pcs)Toggle Caps White Large (package of 10 pcs)Engravity€ 6.57
Phidget Servo 1-motor InterfacePhidget Servo 1-motor InterfacePhidgets US€ 23.10
Phidgets Interface Kit 0/16/16Phidgets Interface Kit 0/16/16Phidgets US€ 96.65

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