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Scale Modelling Kits » Tools » Toolings
Punch and Die set  Mini  6 round sizes MN029Punch and Die set Mini 6 round sizes3DetailMN029€ 33.02
Punch and Die set Med . 8 round sizes MN036Punch and Die set Med . 8 round sizes3DetailMN036€ 28.88
Punch and Die set Maxi . 11 round sizes MN028Punch and Die set Maxi . 11 round sizes3DetailMN028€ 41.28
Punch and Die set; Hexagonal III MN050Punch and Die set; Hexagonal III3DetailMN050€ 37.15
Punch and Die set; Hexagonal I MN030Punch and Die set; Hexagonal I3DetailMN030€ 37.15
Punch and Die set; Hexagonal II MN047Punch and Die set; Hexagonal II3DetailMN047€ 37.15
3D Geometry tool MN0373D Geometry tool3DetailMN037€ 10.70
Scriber MN040Scriber3DetailMN040€ 9.05
Scriber MN001Scriber3DetailMN001€ 9.05
Centre locating tool MN042Centre locating tool3DetailMN042€ 7.40
Adjustable wire bender MN033Adjustable wire bender3DetailMN033€ 10.70
Hand grab wire bender MN024Hand grab wire bender3DetailMN024€ 16.49
Elbow Bender  special 150 mm long MN027Elbow Bender special 150 mm long3DetailMN027€ 41.28
Easy Bender Special 150mm long MN022Easy Bender Special 150mm long3DetailMN022€ 37.15
Elbow Bender 150 mm long MN014Elbow Bender 150 mm long3DetailMN014€ 28.88
Easy Bender  150mm long MN013Easy Bender 150mm long3DetailMN013€ 18.97
Elbow Bender 60 mm long MN004Elbow Bender 60 mm long3DetailMN004€ 20.62
Easy Bender MN003Easy Bender3DetailMN003€ 14.01
Rivetter tool 0,5mm (1/72 - 1/48) MN020Rivetter tool 0,5mm (1/72 - 1/48)3DetailMN020€ 10.70
Rivetter tool0,7mm (1/48 - 1/32) MN006Rivetter tool0,7mm (1/48 - 1/32)3DetailMN006€ 10.70
Rivetter tool 1,5mm (1/35 - 1/24) MN048Rivetter tool 1,5mm (1/35 - 1/24)3DetailMN048€ 10.70
Rivetter tool 1mm (1/48 - 1/35) MN021Rivetter tool 1mm (1/48 - 1/35)3DetailMN021€ 10.70
Mini Chick for hand drill MN035Mini Chick for hand drill3DetailMN035€ 10.70
Hand Drill MN002Hand Drill3DetailMN002€ 16.49
 Rolling rod II Big3DetailMN049€ 10.70
Rolling rod Small MN046Rolling rod Small3DetailMN046€ 9.05
Rollset II Large MN052Rollset II Large3DetailMN052€ 14.83
Rollset I Small MN045Rollset I Small3DetailMN045€ 13.18
Rollmate III Large MN051Rollmate III Large3DetailMN051€ 5.74
Rollmate I Small MN023Rollmate I Small3DetailMN023€ 4.09
Rollmate II Medium MN032Rollmate II Medium3DetailMN032€ 4.09
Micro Mini mitre box large  V shaped for tubes MN041Micro Mini mitre box large V shaped for tubes3DetailMN041€ 7.40
Micro Mini mitre box small with corners 45", 60",90" MN034Micro Mini mitre box small with corners 45", 60",90"3DetailMN034€ 16.49
Micro Mini mitre box large  with corners 45", 60",90"and XL MN044Micro Mini mitre box large with corners 45", 60",90"and XL3DetailMN044€ 16.49

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