Antonov AN225 Mriya Antonov Design Bureau OFFICIAL EXCLUSIVE EDITION

Product code MT001EE


An-225 Mriya

Scale 1 : 200

Publisher/Brand Metal Time Workshop

Format approx W 44.2 x L 42 x H 9.1 cm

Version Metal

Category Scale Modelling Kits

Subcategory Scale Modelling Kits » Kits: Metal Models

Availability Product out of stock and no longer available.

Mind: this is a modelling kit.

Product description
Quantity ofparts, pcs 267
Difficulty level, from 1to8 8
Hours toassemble (average) 20
Model size (cm) 38.139.811.5
Model size (inch) 154.5315.67

The "Ukrainian Dream EE" is not just a self-assembly model or a beautiful souvenir. This is a monument to the work of outstanding aircraft builders who managed to create a unique aircraft. Considering that the AN-225 existed in a single copy, this model is a chance to preserve a particle of this technical miracle and at the same time take part in its revival.

Assembling the "Ukrainian Dream EE" model is a difficult challenge for fans of technical creativity. A complex design and many details will require extreme concentration and a lot of time to achieve a result. This model belongs to the category of the hardest to build in the "Metal Time" collection.

Assembling the model is a great joint activity for the whole family, a friendly company, or members of a themed club.

But the result will justify all expectations.

The "Ukrainian Dream EE" is intended for fans of aviation, mechanisms, and history, as well as collectors of DIY models.


All parts are separated and connected with light finger pressure, which eliminates possible cuts or pricks during the assembly process.

The Metal Time kits comprises small parts that, under particular conditions, may be hazardous to children under the age of 14 years. If children are to carry out the model assembly, parents' supervision should be ensured.

14 languages User's guides will lead you through assembling process. In coming up with design for creative people, there is no borderline between imagination and reality.

Download instruction sheet

Together with Antonov, Metal Time supports Ukrainian aviation rebuilding programs, including:
- the restoration of the AN-225 Mriya aircraft;
- training of new pilots and aircraft engineers;
- the restoration of houses of Antonov employees, destroyed during the war.

Like all Metal Time DIY models, the "Ukrainian Dream EE" is made of eco-friendly stainless steel used in the food industry and approved to produce consumer goods and toys.

Precise cutting of the set eliminates the possibility of cuts during the assembly process. The parts are precisely adjusted to each other and will not create problems when assembling.

The pleasant tactile feeling, strength, and aesthetics of brushed metal favorably distinguish steel parts from wood or plastic used in other building kits.

Convenient flat packaging made of eco-friendly recyclable cardboard combines the compactness and aesthetics of a status gift.


Steel sheets, pcs 5
Power spring YES
Gears YES
Bearings YES
Stickers YES
Chassis wheels YES
Pliers YES
File YES
Assembling Gloves YES
Polishing cloth YES
Collector's Pin YES
Club Stickers YES
Postage stamp "Ukrainian Dream" YES
Certificate ofappreciation YES

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