Mikoyan MiG29 "Fulcrum"  PRS72-407
Mikoyan MiG29 "Fulcrum"  PRS72-407Mikoyan MiG29 "Fulcrum"  PRS72-407Mikoyan MiG29 "Fulcrum"  PRS72-407

Mikoyan MiG29 "Fulcrum"

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Scale 1 : 72

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Mind: this item is a decal sheet that serves to decorate a scalemodel. The scalemodel is not included and needs to be ordered separately.

Product description


1. MIG-29 (9-12) part: 1-I AE, 120 8th IAP, 23-I WA, ZabVO number: 01 (p/n 2960515803), 1998, Domna Airfield.

2. MIG-29 (9-13) part: 2 Squadron ' Moscow ', 115th GvIAP number: 44 SOVIET AIR FORCE base near the city of Termez, near the Afghan border, Uzbekistan 1990.

3. MIG-29ub (9-51) part 2: AE, I-120th GvIAP, 14 Army Air Force and air defence number: 75 (c/n. 50903026969), 1999, Domna Airfield.

4. MiG-29 k Part: not available number: 311 First deck flying machine. 29 anchors with the star on the left side on landings-September 1, 1990.

5. MiG-29 (9-13) 290-series Number: 51 MiG-29 (9-13) 290 Series, vol. 1990. BN 51, Russian Air Force, Boris Gleb. In February 2000, the aircraft, together with the other side (the MiG-29 BN 47 and 23, and the MiG-29UB b.n.70) was transferred to the training regiment in Borisoglebsk (2 AE 120 IAP, a / d Domna), is at the time of a structural subdivision of Armavir Military Aviation Institute. As a result, once the reform of military educational institutions in 2002 established a single Summer Institute - Krasnodar VAI named Hero of the Soviet Union, AK Serov, which consisted of Armavir and Balashov Military Aviation Institute and Sts Training Center, 2001-2002 years. board 51 among others 'Borisoglebsk' 29's was transferred to Yerevan, where he continued his further service. The aircraft is depicted as of August 2001.

6. MIG-29 (9-13) part: not available number: 44 AA Ukraine, Gostomel airport, August 1992.

7. MIG-29 (9-13) part 40: wing number: 35 Vasilkov.

8. MIG-29ub part: 3 FS, 2 TW number: 61 Crimea, Kirov airbase, 1995.

9. MIG-29 "Kis" part: Orlik 2, PKW number: 4120 Estonia, 2008 g. PKW.

10. MIG-29 of the 31Sk Wing: 31/1 Sqn number: 6930 Airbase Fajrford. RIAT-98, 1998.

11. MIG-29ub : Polku Lotnictwa Mysliwskiego "Warszawa" Room: 15 base of Minsk-Mazowiecki. A similar camouflage are: 42.

12. MIG-29 Parts:? Sqn, IrAF number: 29060 Habbaniyah Airbase, 1990-1991 .

13. MIG-29 (9-13) number: 19.



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