Polikarpov U2/Po2 Part 1  PRS72-365
Polikarpov U2/Po2 Part 1  PRS72-365Polikarpov U2/Po2 Part 1  PRS72-365Polikarpov U2/Po2 Part 1  PRS72-365

Polikarpov U2/Po2 Part 1

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Scale 1 : 72

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Mind: this item is a decal sheet that serves to decorate a scalemodel. The scalemodel is not included and needs to be ordered separately.

Product description


1. Po-2VS. Unit: 9th GbNBAD. Serial: 28. Mission of Polish rebels supply. September 1944.

2. U-2VS. Unit: 1st AE, 45th GvNBAD. Serial: 7. Pilot - CO of 1st AE, 45th GvNBAD K,Michailenko. Single white stripe means 1st AE (two stripes 2nd AE, three - 3rd AE).

3.Po-2VS. Unit: 23rd GvNBAD. Serial: 1.

4. U-2. Serial: 80. Engelsk flying school. July 1932.

5. U-2VS (LNB). Unit: 242nd NBAD. Serial: 5. Pilot - Hero of the Soviet Union Popova Nadezhda Vasilievna (852 combat missions).

6. U-2. Unit: 2nd Numberless Regiment, 46th ZAP. Serial: 9. July 1943. Aircraft were produced at Kazansky factory.

7. U-2. Unit: 399th Separate Liaison Regiment, 3rd VA. Serial: 13. 3rt Byelorussian Front, Konigsberg direction, February 1945.

8. U-2SP (PS-3). Unit: 62nd Guards air regiment of GVF. Serial: 9. Winter 1943-1944s.

9. Po-2VS. Serial: 6 Academy of Air force, Monino, 1945.

10. S-2. Unit: Separate transport-medical regiment, 4th VA. Summer 1944.

11. U-2. Serial: 5. Two-colour camouflage. This aircraft was found by Germans in Summer of 1941.

12. U-2VS (LNB). Unit: 46th GvNBAD. Serial: 2

13. U-2. Unit: Normandie-Niemen. Serial: 10. The liaison aircraft, Monastirchina, September 1943.

14. U-2. Unit: 235th ShAP, 264th ShAD. Moldova airfield, 1944. On 17.45 of June 21st, 1944 this a/c piloted by Hero of the Soviet Union Vinogradov I.N.

15. Po-2 Unit: 889th NBAP. Serial: 4. Wysoche-Bartosh, Poland, October 9th, 1944.

16. U-2. Serial: 1. This a/c was captured by Finns at Karelia on December 20th, 1939.

17. U-2 "Menzhinskiy". Unit: aeroclub of the No.39 factory. Serial: 1. Middle of 1930's.

18. U-2 "Basneft" Serial: SSSR-Kh5. Limousine Basneft (Bashkirsaya neft' = Bashkirian Oil). Middle of 1930's.

19. U-2. Unit: V.P.Chkalov. Serial: SSSR-Che4. The personal mount of the Valeriy Pavlovich. Chkalov, presented by Narkomat (Ministry) for Heavy Industry. Circa 1937










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