Yakovlev Yak7  PRS72-363
Yakovlev Yak7  PRS72-363Yakovlev Yak7  PRS72-363

Yakovlev Yak7

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Scale 1 : 72

Publisher/Brand Print Scale

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Mind: this item is a decal sheet that serves to decorate a scalemodel. The scalemodel is not included and needs to be ordered separately.

Product description


1. Yak-7B.Unit: 29th GvIAP. Serial: 14. Pilot - Hero of the Soviet Union A.V.Tchirkov. Leningrad Front, Summer 1943. Note the Order of the Red Banner of Combat painted on the fuselage spine.> 2. Yak-7B (late series) "For Nikolay!" Unit: 43rd IAP. Serial: 22. Pilot assistance of squadron commander 1st.Lt.V.I.Merkulov. Summer 1943. On 26th September 1943 he was shot down during protecting of his leader commander of corps Ye.Ya.Savitsky. Note: Light-Blue spinner, chevron on the tail, victories markings and inscription on the left side of fuselage 'For Nikolay!'.

3. Yak-7B "For Sasha Tikhomirov". Unit: 41st IAP. Serial: 35. Pilot - Snr.Lt.Arkady Sukov. Autumn 1942.

4. Yak-7B. Unit: 29th GvIAP. Serial: 33. Pilot - P.A.Pokryshev, during 1944.

5. Yak-7B. Unit: 29th GvIAP. Serial: 29. Pilot - CO of 29th GvIAP Col.A.A.Matveev. Spring 1943.

6. Yak-7B. Unit: 812th IAP. Serial: 12. Pilot - chief of air-shooting service of 812th IAP Capt.Pavel Tarasov. November-December 1943. The artwork based of 812th IAP veterans memories.

7. Yak-7B. Unit: 3rd AE, 875th IAP. Serial: 86. Pilot - Assistant of Commander of 3rd AE, 875th IAP, Maj.Lt.A.P.Chernobaj (mechanic is first sergeant Usov). January 1943, Kaliningrad Front, Kochegarovo air base. Victories markings painted on both fuselage sides. Yellow stripes painted on the upperwing. The plane recently was modernized.

8. Yak-7B. Unit: 71st IAP/64th GvIAP. Serial: 3. Pilot - 1st.Lt.Viktor Yakovlevich Khasin. Spring of 1943.

9. Yak-7B. Unit: 122nd IAP. Serial: 7. The plane modified to reconnaissance plane. Spring 1943.

10. Yak-7B. Unit: 127th IAP. Serial: 26. Kursk area, Summer 1943.

11. Yak-7B Unit: 157th IAP. Serial: 03 Pilot - squadron CO Captain V.N.Zalevsky. Kursk-Orel area. Summer of 1943.

12. Yak-7B "k-z Politotdelets". Serial: 65. Yak-7B inscribed From the 'Politotdelets' (Political Section Worker) collective farm to the defenders of Stalingrad operated on the Stalingrad Front in the winter of 1942-1943.

13. Yak-7B Unit: 487th IAP PVO. Serial: 64. Pilot - B.Ya.Ternovoi. July 1943.

14. Yak-7B (late series). Unit: 976th IAP. Serial: 930. 1st Baltic Front, March 1943







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