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Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D
Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 1Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 2Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 3Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 4Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 5Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 6Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 7Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 8Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 9Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 10Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 11Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 12Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 13Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 14Airbus Collection (download version)  J3F000041-D image 15

Airbus Collection (download version)

Product code J3F000041-D


€ 34.50

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Series FS2004, FSX

Publisher/Brand Just Flight

Version Download

Category Flight Simulation

Subcategory FSX Aircraft

Availability In stock

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This product was added to our database on Thursday 14 August 2014.

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Product description

The versatile A330-200 and -300 join forces with their illustrious stable-mates, the wide-body A340-200 and -300, in this fantastic F-Lite collection for Flight Simulator X and FS2004.

With four aircraft variants, eight different flight models and 150 liveries, this is a must-have package for every virtual airline enthusiast who is in it for the long haul!
•Eight distinct flight models - two for the A340 and six for the A330 covering different variants and engine configurations.
•Custom utility to allow switching between standard and easy flight models
•150 detailed liveries spread over the different aircraft - fantastic value for money!
•F-Lite branding guarantees high quality and detail - animations range from thrust reversers and control surface droop to air stairs and pushback truck.
•Cockpit features include custom Airbus gauges, easy-to-use Airbus style MCDU/Autopilot, realistic EICAM displays, limited function FMC which allows for SIDs and STARs in the MSFS database, EFIS displays, realistic PFD with limited Airbus Laws Logic and Alpha Protection; overhead panel comes complete with switches for air-con packs, fuel pumps, engine fire and more.
•Comprehensive, detailed manual includes flight tutorial and all the information virtual pilots will need to begin long haul flying.

Just Flight's F-Lite range of aircraft is designed to provide top quality aircraft that are extremely high in detail but less demanding to fly than today's most complex procedural simulators. These aircraft are a significant step up from the default Flight Simulator aircraft in terms of modelling and cockpit systems, but won't require weeks of study before you can get airborne - see the full F-Lite range here.

Detailed Description

The wide-body Airbus A340-200 and -300 may be shorter than the -500 and -600 versions, but they are champions of long-haul duties, flying thousands of miles around the world on a daily basis. Also new to the growing Just Flight F-Lite fleet is the A330-200 and -300. This is, in effect, the twin-engined version of the A340, and it's another long-haul champion.

The A330 and A340 meet the demanding requirements of many airlines worldwide to carry large numbers of passengers over medium- to long-range routes.

Part of Just Flight's practical and established F-Lite range, Airbus Collection - Long Haul has been developed by the experts at CLS - Commercial Level Simulations - to be very high in quality and yet still easy to operate. If you are fed up with ultra-complex FMCs, confused by over-complex systems or simply new to modern airliner operations, then this collection is for you. A high quality model, superb animations and a great flight model at an affordable price add up to a truly great deal!

General features
•Highly detailed exterior models
•Interactive 3D Virtual cockpit
•2D panel with custom gauges
•150 liveries
•Comprehensive manual with tutorial flight
•Option for showing wings from the interior view (wing view)
•Pushback truck (can be switched on/off in FSX)
•Air stairs
•Dynamic wing flex
•Dynamic shine
•Realistic landing light bulb and housing illumination at night
•Every single static discharger is modelled
•Detailed flight deck when seen from the exterior
•Numerous animations - passenger and cargo doors, flaps, rudder, elevators, undercarriage, engine fans, thrust reversers; control surface droop when engines are not running, spoilers, flaperons
•Jet blast effect from engines
•Realistic thrust reverser animation
•Fully animated control surfaces
•Highly detailed texture mapping with no detrimental effect on frame rates
•High-quality sound set
•Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney and General Electric engines modelled
•Layered paint kit included to help create your own liveries (suitable paint program such as Photoshop required)
•German manual available to download from the Support section

Flight Dynamics (FDE)

Highly tuned A330/A340 FDE based on Airbus documentation and experience in air carrier FAA Level-D 6-axis simulator:
•6 A330 flight models based on Airbus specifications: A330-200 (GE), A330-200 (PW), A330-200 (RR), A330-300 (GE), A330-300 (PW), and A330-300 (RR)
•Custom utility to allow switching between standard and easy flight models
•2 A340 flight models: A340-200 and A340-300
•'True Feel' format for correct performance and feel

Panel features
•Virtual Cockpit with mouse clickable operations
•All 2D panel functions are available in the 3D virtual cockpit mode
•Main instrument panel with custom Airbus gauges and easy-to-use Airbus style MCDU/Autopilot
•Throttle panel with functioning throttle, speed brake, engine fuel cut-off, flap handle and parking brake controls
•Realistic ND with limited waypoint display based on MSFS flight plan
•Realistic EICAM displays, covering many systems such as hydraulic pressure, flight controls, electrical power and many more
•Limited-function FMC which allows for SIDs and STARs in the MSFS database,
Radio and Navigation frequency entry, v-speed calculation, 'direct to' waypoint
features, progress display, estimated fuel on board, and more
•EFIS displays, complete with Constraints, VOR, NDB, waypoint and airport overlays
•Realistic PFD with limited Airbus Laws Logic and Alpha Protection
•Overhead panel comes complete with switches for air-con packs, fuel pumps, engine fire, fuel dump operations (FSUIPC required), APU, and lighting controls

High quality sound set

High-fidelity A330 sound set based on RR Trent engines

Scenarios and flight plans
•Detailed flight tutorial
•Uses the default MSFS payload and fuel editor for ease of use and reliability
•Uses the default MSFS flight planner and navigation log for accurate flight/fuel planning for ease of use and reliability

Special effects
•Jet blast effect (dependent on video card and settings)
•Engine reverser rain spray effect on wet runways
•Tyre/wet runway water effects
•Engine start smoke
•Touchdown tyre smoke effects
•Fire/sparks from the rear underbelly when you over-rotate
•Burning rubber effects
•Inspection lights
•Dynamic wingflex

Aircraft and liveries

Airbus Collection Long Haul contains 150 worldwide liveries!

•Aer Lingus
•Airbus house livery
•Air Canada
•Air Caraibes
•Air Luxor
•Air Madrid
•Air Transat
•Asiana Airlines (Newer livery)
•Asiana Airlines (Older livery)
•Cathay Pacific
•Cathay Pacific (100th.)
•China Airlines
•China Eastern Airlines
•China Southern Airlines
•CLS house livery
•Fly Asia Express
•Garuda Indonesia
•Korean Air
•My Travel
•Philippines Air
•Qatar Airways (Newer livery)
•Qatar Airways (Older livery)
•SAS Scandinavian Airlines (Star Alliance)
•SN Brussels Airlines
•Thai Star Alliance
•US Air
•Vietnam Airlines

•Aer Lingus
•Airbus house livery
•Air Algerie
•Air China
•Air Comet
•Air Europa
•Air France
•Air Greenland
•Air Madrid
•Air Mauritius
•Air Transat (Older livery)
•Air Transat (Newer livery)
•Afriqiyah Airways
•Argentinas Airlines
•Asiana Airlines
•Austrian Air Star Alliance
•Austrian Air new colors
•China Eastern Airlines
•China Southern Airlines
•Cyprus Airways
•Edelweiss Air
•Etihad Airways
•Eurofly Italia
•Eurofly (Alitalia Hybrid)
•Eva Air
•Gulf Air (Older livery)
•Jet Airways
•Jet Star Silver
•Jet Star
•LTU (Older livery)
•LTU (Newer livery)
•Malaysian Airlines
•Middle East Airlines
•My Travel
•SriLankan Airlines
•Star Airlines
•TAP Portugal
•Thomas Cook
•Qatar Airways (Older livery)
•Qatar Airways (New livery)
•Turkish Airlines
•US Airways (Newer livery)
•Vietnam Airlines

•Aerolineas Argentinas
•Airbus House
•Austrian Airlines
•BWIA West Indies Airways
•Cathay Pacific
•Kingdom Holding Company
•Qatar Airways
•Royal Flight of Jordan
•South African

•Airbus house livery
•Air Canada (Older livery)
•Air Canada (New livery)
•Air Canada Star Alliance
•Air China
•Air Comet
•Air France
•Austrian Airlines (Older livery)
•Austrian Airlines (New livery)
•Air Jamaica
•Air Madrid
•Air Mandarin
•Air Mauritius
•Air Namibia
•Air Tahiti Nui
•China Airlines
•China Eastern Airlines
•Cathay Pacific
•Etihad Airways
•Gulf Air
•Jet Airways
•Kuwait Airways
•LAN Airlines
•Philippine Airlines
•South African
•TAP Portugal (Older livery)
•TAP Portugal (New livery)
•Virgin Nigeria

System Requirements:

•Flight Simulator X or FS2004 (compatible with FSX Service Packs 1 & 2 and Acceleration Pack)
•2.5GHz PC (3.0GHz for FSX)
•512Mb RAM (1.0Gb for FSX)
•128Mb+ 3D graphics card
•Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
•Hard drive space: 7Gb

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