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Angle of Attack PMDG 747 Training Package

Product code AOA 747

Publisher/Brand Angle of Attack

Format 6 hrs

Version 3 x dvd

Language English

Category Flight Simulation

Subcategory Flight Simulation » Simulator video/dvd

Availability Product out of stock and no longer available.

Product description
Are you a professional simmer? Are you on top of your game in Flight Simulator? If not, look no further than Angle of Attack!

The PMDG 747-400 is one of the most amazing aircraft ever made for flight simulator. This is why we have chosen to train YOU in this aircraft. We teach you all you need to know to go from point A to point B.

Airline pilots in the real world are required to be on top of their game at all times. Many considerations are given to performing a successful flight. With years of experience, these pilots take us safely around the world. Inevitibly, virtual pilots need training as well. Otherwise, the aircraft cannot be operated properly. Besides, realism is what you're after, right?

What if there is a thunderstorm up ahead? Do you know how to get around this monster? How about an engine failure on takeoff? Can you handle it? Say your destination airport is reporting visibility less than 1/4 with heavy snow. Can you handfly an ILS approach in those conditions? Many would answer 'probably' to these questions. Probably in the aviation world is not good enough! You deserve training!

The PMDG 747-400 Training Package has an array of new features, along with the well known layout which AoA has become known for. Sections and Procedures included are as follows:


Systems Training is presented with an emphasis on Autoflight logic and FMS operation. Roughly an hour and a half is spent showing the many features of the FMC alone! And that's just the start!

Flying with Glass- MCP, PFD, ND and FMS
Air Systems
Anti-Ice and Rain Protection
Automatic Flight
Engines and APU
Fire Protection
Flight Controls
Landing Gear


Procedures are critical operations that deserve special attention. These procedures mainly deal with the more dangerous parts of flying; Takeoffs and Landing.

Normal Takeoff Technique
Low Speed Abort
High Speed Abort
Takeoff Emergency with Fuel Dump and Holding
CDAP- Constant Descent Approach Procedures
Non-Precision Approaches
VOR with Sidestep into Paris
LOC into Gatwick
Visual Approach into Princess Juliana
Precision Approaches
CATI ILS by Hand into Toronto
CATIII Autoland into Dubai
Go Around into Denver

Full Flight

To finish this DVD, we take you on a Full Flight from Preflight in San Francisco, USA through Shutdown in Frankfurt, Germany. This portion of the DVD will show many of the things not discussed earlier in the procedures, and will also show, in real time, advanced features of this aircraft.

Preflight and Fuel Planning
Captain on the Flight Deck!
Preflight Preparations
Before Start
Pushback and Startup
Tank-to-Engine Switch
North Atlantic Tracks
Descent/Arrival Planning

Your PMDG 747-400 Training by Angle of Attack will be in a professionally printed, packaged and freshly sealed DVD case. Media is presented on 3 x Dual Layer DVD disc technology, giving you stunning image clarity for over 6 hours. Also included is a high quality Angle of Attack Checklist for your many future flights, and an installer on the DVD which holds follow-along flights, charts, and other free content!


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