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Extreme Airports  9781912205417

Extreme Airports

Product code 9781912205417

€ 10.05

Publisher/Brand Key Publishing

Format a4

No. Pages 100

Version Soft cover

Language English

Category Aviation Books

Subcategory Aviation Magazin

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This product was added to our database on Thursday 28 June 2018.

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Product description

There are a some very dramatic airports scattered across the globe.† A few are close to jagged peaks or crowded beaches.† Others have incredibly short runways built on icefields, mountainsides or beaches.† Or they have difficult approaches that test pilots and aircraft to the maximum.† Yet more are subject to extreme temperatures, or are so busy there's barely a moment to take a breath between landings and departures.††

∑†††††††† Watch nonstop traffic at the world's busiest airport in Atlanta.†

∑†††††††† Experience the thrill of flying into Lukla on the side of Mount Everest.†

∑†††††††† Take in the frozen splendour of the ice runways at McMurdo in Antarctica.†

∑†††††††† Gaze in amazement at 747s skimming sun worshipers on Maho Beach in the Caribbean.†

∑†††††††† Learn what it takes to fly airliners onto the 18o†sloped runway at Courchevel in the Alps. †

∑†††††††† Look back in awe as widebodies pass Hong Kong's skyscrapers approach Kai Tak.†

∑†††††††† Let aircrew explain what it's like to fly into the shortest, steepest and coldest.††

Extreme Airports†includes profusely illustrated guides to these ? and many more ? of the world's most challenging airports.†

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