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F14 Cockpit "Where few have gone before" (Air Utopia 0881687001098)

F14 Cockpit
F14 Cockpit "Where few have gone before" (Air Utopia 0881687001098)
€ 19.95
€ 12.36
EU: incl. tax € 14.95
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Category:Aviation Video/dvd/cd-rom
Subcategory:dvd Miltary Aviation
Series:Military Power in action 2
Publisher/Brand:Air Utopia
Format:75 min
Availability:Temporarily Out of Stock.

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This product was added to our database on Wednesday 17 March 2004.

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Product description

Category Aviation Video/dvd/cd-rom, Subcategory dvd Miltary Aviation, ISBN/Box 0881687001098, Series Military Power in action 2, Publisher/Brand Air Utopia, Format 75 min, Version dvd

You will go again where few have been before… on board an F14 cockpit on a wartime mission! Watch low-level flight over the desert and mountains to carrier takeoff and landing! Join in on air-to-air refueling two times with a EA6 Prowler and KC 135… and also experience barrel rolls! A must see for any military & aviation fan! Important Note: Classified scenes are excluded for the protection of the US Navy. (80mns) INCLUDES: Live Audio – Pilot input – Narration – Music Overture – Aircraft Facts – Cockpit takeoffs & landing OVERVIEW: THE GRUMMAN F14 TOMCAT – FIRST DELIVERED TO THE US NAVY IN 1972 – IS ONE OF THE MOST POTENT INTERCEPTORS IN THE WORLD. BOASTING A TWO MAN CREW – THE F14 CAN CARRY UP TO SIX PHOENIX MISSILES AND DESTROY SIX SEPARATE TARGETS WITH A RANGE IN EXCESS OF 100 MILES ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! THE F14 AMAZING CAPABILITIES ALSO INCLUDE: …ACHIEVING A SPEED OF UP TO MACH 1.88… CARRYING A VARIETY OF BOMBS INCLUDING THE… PHOENIX MISSILE… SIDEWINDER… SPARROW… CLUSTER BOMB… VULCAN 20MM CANNON… 2 EXTRA DROP FUEL TANKS… FLY AT A HEIGHT OF 56,000 FEET… AND A RANGE OF 2,000 MILES! JOIN US ON A RARE BUT EXCITING LOOK INTO THE EYES OF A PILOT IN AN F14 ON A MISSION! GET A PILOTS POINT OF VIEW OF FLYING AN F14 AND WATCH A RARE GLIMPSE INTO: …CARRIER TAKEOFF AND LANDING …BRIEF NIGHT LANDING …LOW LEVEL FLYING …MID-AIR REFUELLING …BARREL ROLLS. WATCH THE RAW ACTION IN THE COCKPIT AND JOIN US ON BOARD THE F14A TOMCAT! INTERESTING FACTS & DATA: US Navy F14A Tomcat: Company – Grumman (USA) Type: Carrier borne Air Defense/Superiority Multi-role Fighter Crew: 2 – Pilot and Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) Armament: Large variety including One GE M61A1 Vulcan 20mm cannon. Two AIM-54 Phoenix missiles – Two AIM-7 Sparrows - Two AIM-9 Sidewinders missiles – Carry up to 6,577kg/14,500lb in bombs including LGBs (Laser Guided Bomb) Ceiling: 56,000 ft Speed: 2,500km/h 1,563mi/h Range: 3,220km/2013mi. The F/A-14A Plus first flew in 1986. One of the most capable air defense fighters in service! Iran took delivery of 79 F-14A Tomcats and was the only export customer. Tomcat is used for many mission varieties including… air-to-air and air-to-ground – reconnaissance. Tomcats have replaced the Intruder as the prime air-to-ground aircraft. Tomcats can carry LANTIRN (Low altitude Targeting Infrared for Night) pod. The Tomcats can carry TARPS (Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System)… TARPS is an underwing camera pod. Tomcat powerplants are afterburning Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-412 or 414A turbofans. SQUADRON VF-14 'Top Hatters' is seen in this production. Film includes: - Live Audio - Music Overture - Aircraft Carrier Landings and Takeoff (Cockpit view) - Brief Narration (English Subtitles) - Historical Facts & Captions - Video Slide Show Challenge Question: What foreign military aircraft are mentioned by warning to the F14 crew during the mission experienced in this film? Aerospace Discussion Groups Memorabilia Airlines FBO's News Airports Government Agencies Travel Agencies Aircraft Manufacturers Hobby Shops Travel Search Engines Aviation Safety Hotels/Resorts Aviation Shops Kids Aviation Search Engines Logistics/Support

Video Trailer see: F14 Cockpit

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