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MIP Card


€ 25.58


Scale 1 : 1

Publisher/Brand Opencockpits

Category Flight Simulation

Subcategory B737NG MIP Opencockpits

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This product was added to our database on Thursday 12 february 2015.

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Product description

Product Details

The MIP Card has been designed to connect different IDC panels to IOCards electronics.

The connection between the panels and IOCards is done by (16 or 40 wires depending on the panel) ribbon cables, virtually and do not need any welding.

The card would connect (not included):
* 1 Master card + 1 USB Expansion.
* 1 USBDimcontrol to control all the backlight.

The installation of the modules to the card give fixed allocations of inputs and outputs, so that all scripts and software of the MIP would be compatible with our Complete After Overhead Plug & Play module.

For more information: PCB MIP B737 connections scheme.
For more information: Complete B737 MIP script for ProSim.

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