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R7 Luna (New Ware Space Kits Series NW093)

R7 Luna  NW093
R7 Luna (New Ware Space Kits Series NW093)
€ 80.12
EU: incl. tax € 96.95
Category:Aircraft Scale Modelling
Subcategory:Spacecraft Modelling
Scale:1 : 144
Publisher/Brand:New Ware Space Kits Series
Availability:only 1 remaining

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This product was added to our database on Tuesday 19 May 2015.

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Mind: this is a modelling kit.

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Product description

Category Aircraft Scale Modelling, Subcategory Spacecraft Modelling, Scale 1 : 144, ISBN/Box NW093, Publisher/Brand New Ware Space Kits Series, Version resin

Construction kit of R-7 Luna launch vehicle.
Luna 1 spacecraft was launched into space by this launch vehicle on January 2nd, 1959.
Use of NWS092 Airbrush Masks is highly recommended.

Indeed there are the injected R7 models by APEX and Airfix BUT these kist have severe problems:

Apex: The worst problem is that boosters are shorter and upper joints between 1st stage and boosters are in incorrect positions. The only acceptable solution of this problem is to shorten 1st stage removing cca 4 mm from bottom cylinder, removing joints from 1st stage body and replace them by new ones at correct position. This way the silhouette of R-7 is correct, but you will get 4 mm shorter model. Next problem is that on boosters there are negative panel lines, but on 1st stage positive ones. As 4 PE (or other material) cable covers running from booster joints up to 1st stage instrument section should be added, positive lines on 1st stage should be sanded and new negative ones scribed using scribing templates. Especially this operation is not easy and is intended for experienced modelers only.

Airfix: General shape of model is incorrect, especially diamater of boosters, and there is no way how to correct it.

New Ware R-7 kits are based on world known Vladimir Minakow drawings so are accurate in scale and detail as much as possible.

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