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Savoia Marchetti JRS79B-1  fr005

Savoia Marchetti JRS79B-1


€ 33.02
€ 27.23
Save 17.5%

Scale 1 : 72

Publisher/Brand Azur-Frrom

Category Aircraft Scale Modelling

Subcategory Aircraft Scale Modelling

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This product was added to our database on Thursday 16 August 2018.

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Product description
Savoia-Marchetti SM.79JRS B1 (Rumanian WWII (with two Junkers Jumo 211 D inline engines and glass nose instead of the 3rd engine)
The Savoia Marchetti SM 79 was one of the most outstanding successes of the italian aircraft manufacturing industry in the thirties and forties. Winner of the Istres-Damascus-Paris air race on August 1937, this smart three-engined plane was used by the Regia Aeronautica as a bomber and torpedo bomber.

In 1937, Rumania bought 24 twin-engined SM 79 fitted with two IAR 14K radial engine developing 870 hp (licence built Gnome Rhone 14K). On this version, called SM 79 B,the fuselage was widely modified,the central engine being replaced by a glozed nose section, the cockpit moved forward, narrowed, and raised, the seats put in tandem arrangement. The following versions SM 79 JIS B (8 units) and SM 79 JRS B (36 units) on which were fitted the in-line water-cooled Junkers Jumo 211D delivering 1200 HP were assembled respectively by Savoia Marchetti in Italy and I.A.R. in Brasov, Rumania (JRS), under licence. The fuselage of these versions was again modified, giving better aerodynamics.

The last SM 79 twin-engined version was assembled by I.A.R, starting on beginning of 1943. She was coded JRS 79 B1, fitted with two in-line Junkers Jumo 211 F delivering 1380 HP and she retained the JRS B shortened nose. The 36 planes produced were code with tactical numbers ranging from 201 to 236. They were used used by ARR against Soviet Union and, after the 23th of August 1944 coup, against Germany and her allies. The Michael 's cross was then replaced by the traditional blue-yellow-red cockade

Specifications (JRS B1): crew of five, middle bomber and reconnaissance. Engines: 2 x 1380 HP Junkers Jumo 211 F. Wing span 21,20 m, lenght: 16,82 m, height 4,10 m. Maximum weight 11 785 kg, maximum speed at 6000 m : 436 km/h, ceiling 9500 m, range 1750 km. Weapons: bombload 1 400 kg. Defensive weapons: one 20 mm Ikaria gun, initially five 7,92 Rheinmetall machine guns (the firepower was improved later by adding machine guns and replacing them by 13,2 mm Mauser)



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