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SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D
SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 1 SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 2 SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 3 SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 4 SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 5 SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 6 SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 7 SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 8 SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 9 SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 10 SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 11 SIMstarter NG (download version)  13765-D image 12

SIMstarter NG (download version) (Aerosoft 13765-D)

€ 12.36
EU: incl. tax € 14.95
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Category:Flight Simulation
Subcategory:Utilities Download Software
Availability:In stock

This product was added to our database on Thursday 7 April 2016.

This product is available for download immediately after confirmation of receipt of payment. By accepting our terms and conditions confirms that the statutory 14 days right of withdrawal for internet purchases†by†EU residents will not be applicable to this product and the buyer waives his right of recall.

Category Flight Simulation, Subcategory Utilities Download Software, ISBN/Box 13765-D, Series FSX, FSXSTEAM, P3D, Publisher/Brand Aerosoft, Version download

Product description:†SIMstarter NG† (version

Most simmers are flying different aircrafts in different scenarios and locations. The problem is, that each of these combination needs another simulator configuration to get the best performance, reduce the probability of out of memory failure and show the scenery at its best. SIMstarter NG solves that problem, using profiles that set the simulator just as you want it.

SIMstarter NG has a "Flight Control Center" to create these profiles and configuration sets. Another benefit of NG is, that you stay in control of your configuration because SIMstarter NG handles your configuration (a copy of it). With every simulator start you will have a nice and clean simulator configuration. In addition almost any setting can be changed using a nice interface so you do not need to edit config files.NG also has a Livery Manager which allows you to import aircraft liveries by click. Or showing all your installed add-on Airports in Google Earth.

NG allows you to create profiles for your simulator with different settings. You can for example create a profile for VFR Flights in one region with a lot of eye candy and another for your IFR flights with less autogen, another scenery and so on. In addition, NG includes a lot of other helpful tools to manage your simulator configuration.

SIMstarter NG is the next generation of the older freeware tool SIMstarter. SIMstarter NG allows you to create 99.999 profiles for different scenarios, configurations, scenery settings, running different programs e.g. Each profile can be combined with each configuration set which makes NG much more flexible to use and much more comfortable. Nearly 90% of the old code of SIMstarter has been ewritten. SIMstarter was based on FSX and then expanded to FSX-SE and PREPAR3D but it was never intended to work for different simulators. NG was developed to be compatible with FSX and PREPAR3D.


Define up to 999 independent Start profiles to start FSX/PREPAR3D
JumpStart to jump into a saved flight in combination with a SIMstarter profile
All settings of FSX and PREPAR3D can be configured by mouse-click for each profile
Select preconfigured tweaks for FSX and PREPAR3D
Create individual ScenerySets for each profile to disable scenerys which are not needed
Create individual start definition and file operations (copy, rename, delete files) for every profile including exit program when Simulator has been exited
Create individual XML-Set for DLL.XML and EXE.XML for FSX and PREPAR3D
Define Standard Flight for every profile
All changes will be documented in Logbook
Create shortcuts to Desktop for every profile
Including Livery Manager to sort or hide Liveries
Sort and validate configuration Files like fsx.cfg
Diff-Manager which manage changes that have been done by other programs
TextInfo Manager to easily define TextInfo and SlewTextInfos
GoogleEarth Export to show all your AddOn Sceneries in GoogleEarth
Clear your joystick controls for homecockpit users
Select individual SplashScreens for every profile
SIMstarterClient to start programs on a remote computer

SIMstarter NG is based on the well-known SIMstarter and people who contributed will be invited to a free copy. The following changes have been made to create SIMstarter NG:

General: New beautiful GUI
General: Platform supports FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv2.4, P3Dv2.5, P3Dv3 and P3Dv3.1
General: More flexibility because each configuration set can be used in one ore multiple profiles
General: Added dialog if you want to close the simulator if its running
General: All dialogs follow the same user interface logic
General: Use of FSX/FSX-SE/PREPAR3D in parallel
General: Assign Configuration Sets directly to a profile (very useful)
General: Add, Copy, Rename and Delete profiles and Configuration Sets
SceneryManager: Reworked Editor. Let you edit everything scenery related.
SceneryManager: Colored overview for a better overview
SceneryManager: Moving one or multiple sceneries below another entry (very useful)
SceneryManager: Export an overview of all sceneries to a HTML page
SimObjects: Reminder if new SimObjects are found
SimObjects: Fully compatible with P3Dv3 now
LiveryManager: Improved performance
LiveryManager: Import library to import liveries to a repository. Makes it very easy to import new liveries.
LiveryManager: Source directory can be defined now
Profiles: Use different FSUIPC.ini files
Profiles: Load a FlightPlan
Profiles: Startposition improved dialog performance
Profiles: Autodetect changes on a aircraft.cfg and reload aircraft cache
Profiles: New SplashScreens
Profiles: SplashScreens will work for P3Dv3 as well
Profiles: New Start Screen
Profiles: METAR / TAF dialog
RunManager: New interface
RunManager: Select Affinity for each program
RunManager: Wait to start a program until the simulator has been loaded
XML-Manager: Complete reworked interface allows you to manage all DLL.XML and EXE.XML settings.
DiffManager: Assign changes to every SimulatorConfiguration Set
CleanDesk Manager: Define programs that should be stopped at the beginning of the simulator session and restarted if simulator is closed (good idea for programs that are not need for your simulator)
Logbook: Complete new logbook of all user changes. Youíve done a change to the configuration and donít know anymore? No problem for the logbook!

FSX: SP2, FSX: STEAM or Prepar3D V2.4 to 3.2
Windows 7/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10 (all fully updated and preferably 64 bits)
2.0 GHz processor (Intel Core 2 Duo highly recommended)
8 GB RAM internal memory
2 Gb graphic card (3 Gb highly recommended)
PDF reader for manual
Download-Size: 20 MB

Version:†1.8.0 rev. 1 / 27.06.2018†
Compatible with Prepar3D v4.3

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