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Spitfire MKI/II Aces - Updated  DK72045U
Spitfire MKI/II Aces - Updated  DK72045U image 1Spitfire MKI/II Aces - Updated  DK72045U image 2

Spitfire MKI/II Aces - Updated

Product code DK72045U

€ 18.97

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Scale 1 : 72

Publisher/Brand DK decals

Version Screenprint

Category Aircraft Scale Modelling

Subcategory Aircraft Scale Modelling Decals

Availability only 3 remaining

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This product was added to our database on Monday 19 April 2021.

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Mind: this item is a decal sheet that serves to decorate a scalemodel. The scalemodel is not included and needs to be ordered separately.

Product description

This set contains markings for:

  1. Spitfire Mk.IIA, P8084, No.64 Sq. RAF, F/Lt J.J. O´Meara
  2. Spitfire Mk.IA, N3180, No.54 Sq. RAF, P/O A.C. Deere
  3. Spitfire Mk.IIB, P8518, Northolt Wing, W/Cdr J.A. Kent
  4. Spitfire Mk.IB, R6882, No.92 Sq. RAF, Sgt D.E. Kingaby
  5. Spitfire Mk.IB, R6923, No.92 Sq. RAF, F/O A. Wright
  6. Spitfire Mk.IA, N3093, No.616 Sq. RAF, F/Lt D.E. Gillam
  7. Spitfire Mk.IA, X4036, No.234 Sq. RAF, P/O R.F.T. Doe
  8. Spitfire Mk.IA, X4009, No.234 Sq. RAF, F/L P.C. Hughes
  9. Spitfire Mk.IA, K9955, No.602 Sq. RAF, P/O A.A. McKellar
  10. Spitfire Mk.IA, L1004, No.602 Sq. RAF, F/L A.V.R. Johnstone
  11. Spitfire Mk.IA, X4382, No.602 Sq. RAF, P/O O.V. Hanbury
  12. Spitfire Mk.IA, K9853, No.19 Sq. RAF, F/Sgt G.C. Unwin
  13. Spitfire Mk.IA, X4352, No.19 Sq. RAF, F/O L.A. Haines
  14. Spitfire Mk.IA, K9906, No.65 Sq. RAF, F/O R.R.S. Tuck
  15. Spitfire Mk.IA, K9953, No.74 Sq. RAF, F/L A.G. Malan
  16. Spitfire Mk.IA, P9398, No.54 Sq. RAF, P/O A.C. Deere
  17. Spitfire Mk.IA, R6709, No.54 Sq. RAF, P/O C.F. Gray
  18. Spitfire Mk.IIA, P7966, Tangmere Wing, W/Cdr D.R.S. Bader
  19. Spitfire Mk.IIB, P8533, No.145 Sq. RAF, S/L P.S. Turner
  20. Spitfire Mk.IA, P9443, No.222 Sq. RAF, F/L D.R.S. Bader
  21. Spitfire Mk.IIB, P8038, No.452 Sq. RAF, F/L B.E.F. Finucane
  22. Spitfire Mk.IIA, P7990, No.501 Sq. RAF, F/L J.H. Lacey
  23. Spitfire Mk.IA, K9959, No.75 Sq. RAF, F/O D.F.B. Sheen
  24. Spitfire Mk.IA, N3192, No.92 Sq. RAF, F/L R.R.S. Tuck
  25. Spitfire Mk.IA, R6535, No.603 Sq. RAF, F/O B.J.G. Carbury
  26. Spitfire Mk.IIA, P7881, No.609 Sq. RAF, Sq./L M.L. Robinson
  27. Spitfire Mk.IIA, P8264, No.609 Sq. RAF, F/O J.D. Bisdee
  28. Spitfire Mk.IA, R6691, No.69 Sq. RAF, F/L F.J. Howell
  29. Spitfire Mk.IA, N4253, No.611 Sq. RAF, Sgt W.G.G. Duncan-Smith
  30. Spitfire Mk.IA, X4338, No.41 Sq. RAF, P/O E.S. Lock

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