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The Basic Aerobatic Manual (ASA 9781619541009)

The Basic Aerobatic Manual  9781619541009
The Basic Aerobatic Manual (ASA 9781619541009)
€ 18.30
EU: incl. tax € 19.95
Category:Aviation Books
Series:Kershner Flight Series
Author:William K. Kershner
No. Pages:103
Version:Soft cover
Availability:only 2 remaining

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This product was added to our database on Thursday 19 April 2007.

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Product description

Category Aviation Books, Subcategory Aerobatics, ISBN/Box 9781619541009, Series Kershner Flight Series, Publisher/Brand ASA, Author William K. Kershner, Format a4, No. Pages 103, Version Soft cover, Language English

The standard reference for flyers learning aerobatics. Introduces aerobatic maneuvers in order of difficulty.

In this manual covering basic aerobatics, Bill Kershner introduces maneuvers in order of difficulty, covering a variety of them in his clear, understandable, and humorous style. The Basic Aerobatic Manual is fully illustrated with the author's own drawings and contains a practical syllabus, a detailed bibliography and an index. Though the manual emphasizes airspeeds and techniques recommended for the Cessna Aerobat, the maneuvers described in the book may be performed in other airplanes certified for aerobatics.

This manual explains and illustrates 26 aerobatic maneuvers in a six-lesson supplement to introductory aerobatics instruction. It covers the following subjects:

Introduction to Aerobatic Flight

Federal Aviation Regulations
Physical Condition
Acceleration Forces

Preparatory Manuevers

Steep Power Turns
The Chandelle
The Wingover
The Lazy Eight

A General Review
Mechanics of the Spin
Spinning the Aerobat
Basic Aerobatic Maneuvers

The Three Fundamentals
The Aileron Roll
The Loop
The Snap Roll
Loop-Roll Combinations

Loops followed by Aileron Rolls
The Cloverleaf
The Cuban Eight
The Immelmann
The Coordination Exercise
Spins and Combinations
More Variations and Combinations

The Barrel Roll
The Snap at the Top of a Loop
The Reverse Cuban Eight
Hesitation Rolls
The Reverse Cloverleaf
Recoveries from Unusual Attitudes

Wake Turbulence

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