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Turkish Spitfires (Tigerhead Decals 72007)

Turkish Spitfires  72007
Turkish Spitfires (Tigerhead Decals 72007)
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Category:Aircraft Scale Modelling
Subcategory:Aircraft Scale Modelling Decals
Scale:1 : 72
Publisher/Brand:Tigerhead Decals
Availability:only 3 remaining

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This product was added to our database on Thursday 12 September 2013.

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Mind: this item is a decal sheet that serves to decorate a scalemodel. The scalemodel is not included and needs to be ordered separately.

Product description

Category Aircraft Scale Modelling, Subcategory Aircraft Scale Modelling Decals, Scale 1 : 72, ISBN/Box 72007, Publisher/Brand Tigerhead Decals

The Spitfires designed and produced by the British firm Vickers Supermarine participated the Battle of Britain and most probably they are the most popular fighters of WWII. Different models arrived Turkey at different times. A batch of 15 Spitfire MK.1s were ordered together with the Hawker "Hurricanes" but only 3 of them were delivered. One of them which was an ex-Polish order arrived in Sept.1938. The other two arrived in 1940. Eventhough serials 4501 to 4515 were allocated by the TuAF they were never used. The planes were deployed at the 42nd Hunter Company. Two of them were returned to RAFME in 1942. The Mk.1s were equipped with a Rolls Royce Merlin-2 engine with an output of 1030HP. Their armament consisted of 8 pieces 0.303 caliber MGs. They were distinctive with their 3-blade propeller.

No other Spitfire was supplied until mid-1944. In July 1944 39 pcs Mk.Vb was sent from RAF stocks. This was followed by 71 pcs Mk.Vc's and 3 recce version Mk.V/R came in February 1945. Mk.Vb's were deployed at the 1st and 2nd Co.s of the 5th Regiment, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Co.s of the 6th Regiment. The Mk.V/Rs were used with the "High Altitude Photo-Recce Unit". These models were distinguished with their four-blade propellers. According to the TuAF sources they were equipped with Rolls Royce Merlin-20 engines with an output of 1500 HP. But the British sources state that the Mk.Vb's were equipped with a 1585HP Rolls Royce Merlin 45M engine and the Mk.Vc's with a 1470HP Rolls Royce Merlin 45 engine. The standard armament of the Mk.Vb's were 4 pcs 0.303 caliber MG and 2 pcs 20mm cannon whereas the Mk.Vc's had 4 pcs 20mm cannons and they were capable of carrying a bombload of 500lbs. They were replaced by the P-47 "Thunderbolts" in 1948.

After the WWII, the TuAF was inclined to make the "Spitfire"s her standard interceptor-fighter. An aggreement was signed with the Britsih firm Vickers for the overhaul and maintenance of the "Spitfire"s. In between Jan.1947 and Feb.1948 170 pcs Mk.IX were received. These planes were deployed at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Co.s of the 4th Regiment, 3rd & 4th Co.s of the 5th Regiment 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Co.s of the 7th Regiment and 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Co.s of the 8th Regiment. Some of the planes were then transferred to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Co.s of the 6th Regiment in 1949. After the reorganization of the TuAF they were deployed at the 4th & 6th Air Bases in 1951. They were written off in 1954. The Mk.IXs were equipped with a Rolls Royce Merlin 61 with an output of 1475HP. Their armament varied (some were equipped with 8 pcs 0.303 Caliber MGs whereas some were equipped with 4 pcs 0.303 caliber MG plus 2 pcs 20mm cannons. Some even had 4 pcs 20mm cannons and they were capable of carrying a bombload of 500lbs.

Only one Spitfire M.XI arrived. The exact date of arrival and deployment is not known. It was assigned to "High Altitude Photo-Recce Unit". 4 pcs Mk.XIX were sold to Vickers by the RAF to make the overhaul. These planes were brought to Turkey in March 1947 and they were also deployed at the "High Altitude Photo-Recce Unit". These planes were equipped 2 cameras underneath the fuselage an done each on the port and starboard sides of the fuselage. They were the most powerful Spitfires equipped with a 2035HP Rolls Royce Griffon engine. They are distinctive with their five-blade propeller.

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