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Vietnam - the Air War over South East Asia reprint: second edition (Key Publishing 978191329577620)

Vietnam - the Air War over South East Asia reprint: second edition  978191329577620
Vietnam - the Air War over South East Asia reprint: second edition (Key Publishing 978191329577620)
€ 11.88
EU: incl. tax € 12.95
Category:Books on aviation
Subcategory:Vietnam War
Publisher/Brand:Key Publishing
No. Pages:100
Version:Soft cover
Availability:In stock

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This product was added to our database on Thursday 22 October 2020.

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Product description

Category Books on aviation, Subcategory Vietnam War, ISBN/Box 978191329577620, Publisher/Brand Key Publishing, Format a4, No. Pages 100, Version Soft cover, Language English

Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos at war 1945-1961
The French, Chinese, Americans, Russians, Cambodians and Laotians all had a role to play in the fate of Vietnam in the post-World War Two era

1962: Ranch Hand and HELICOPTER Gunships
The year that saw the US introduce a number of radical new forms of warfare in the Vietnam theatre – from chemical spraying to armed helicopters

1963: The rise of Eagle Flight
Following a disastrous start, the ARVN and US advisers soon streamlined the helicopter born air assault process in 1963. However, the year was marred by political coups and the loss of a leader

1964: Johnson declares war on the North
In a year that saw seven changes of government in Vietnam and a new US President finding his feet, America widened the war against North Vietnam

1965: Searching for SAMs and downing MiGs
The rules of engagement were relaxed and the war in Vietnam 'hotted up'

1966: Big belly BUFFs, Chinook gunships and Fishbed killers
The peak years of the war in South East Asia began in 1966 – from which point the US Armed Forces found themselves fighting not one war but three.

1967: Inter-service rivalry and a false sense of security
In a year that saw the introduction of Sandy Skyraiders, Misty Super Sabres, Jolly Green Giants and Spectres, the US forces enjoyed a number of major successes

1968: The deadliest year
In the year the US death toll reached its highest the decisive victory in the Tet Offensive was a turning point in the war – but not for the right reasons

1969: Withdrawal and Secret Missions
In a year that saw US troop strengths down to 474,000, the new President had no qualms about authorising secret strikes

1970: Taking the fight to Cambodia
Despite a shrinking force of aircraft and personnel, the US continued to take the fight to the enemy, and made a daring raid to rescue American prisoners

1971: Cutting off the supply chain
Offensives to cut off supply routes cost the Allies dearly. And it soon became obvious that Hanoi had no intention of scaling back its offensive

1972: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
With North Vietnamese massing at the border and ready to invade, there wasn't much the rapidly depleted US forces could do to fend them off. It was time to call in reinforcements

1973: Operation Homecoming
With the peace agreement signed, work began to bring home the US troops, prisoners and hardware. But the war in Laos and Cambodia continued to rage

1974: The age of austerity
With the promised US aid package slashed, the South Vietnamese Air Force was forced to mothball aircraft, reducing its capability to defend itself from the North

1975: Evacuation
With the North Vietnamese rapidly overrunning the South, the VNAF put up a brave fight; but it was soon time to evacuate the country

Counting the COST
The war in Vietnam officially lasted 19 years, 5 months, 4 weeks and 1 day and is estimated to have resulted in the deaths of more than 3,880,000 people

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