Warbirds of Norway Newsletter 2006: Fieseler Fi156 Storch  WON2006

Warbirds of Norway Newsletter 2006: Fieseler Fi156 Storch

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Series Warbirds of Norway 21 No.1

Publisher/Brand Warbirds of Norway

No. Pages 64

Version Soft cover

Language English-Norwegian

Category Aviation Books

Subcategory Aviation Magazin

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Product description

Every year the Society Warbirs of Norway publishes a theme-issue covering a aircraft in Norwegian service. it inclues several storeis about operatoional use, tecnical matters and restorations illustrated with many pictures, where possible in colour  

Most of the articles are in Norwegian but often there are also some English articles and together with the illustartions makes for an interesting publication for the non-Norwegian

Fieseler Storch- (historisk/teknisk gjennomgang av flytypen) – Historical and technical overview
Motoren (om Argus As10c) – Engine
Den lange veien hjem til Norge med Storch – The long route home to Norway by Storch
Fieseler Fi156 Storch i Norge 1940-1955 – Fieseler Fi 156 Storch in Norway 1940-155
Fi156 Storch in Norway and Northern Finland 1940-1946.(liste over flyindivider) – with aircraft list
Kjeller Flyfabrikk "Storch" 1947-1955 (liste over flyindivider) – Kjeller Aircraft Factory Storch 1947-1955 with aircraft list
Fieseler Storch i svensk tjeneste – Fieseler Storch in Swedish Service with aircraft list
For enhver pris (Mussolinis flukt vha. Storch) – For any price (Mussilini's escape per Storch)
På Hitlers ordre (Hanna Reitsch lander i Berlin med Storch) – By order of Adolf Hitler (Hanna Reitsch lands in Berlin with Storch)
De flyturene glemmer jeg aldri (Leif Lyngby forteller om sine opplevelser med Storch) – I will never forget this flight with the Storch
Storch på hangartak – Storch on hangar roof
Pilot Notes Fieseler Fi156 Storch – by Eric 'Winkle' Brown
Storch i sivil – Civil Storchs in Norway
En Tiger Moth gjenfødes (om KFF's Kjeller-Moth) – A Tiger Moth is reborn
Først gjennom lydmuren (i Norge) (om den første supersoniske oppvisning i Norge) – About first breaking of the sound barrier in Norway
Bleriot til Norge (om Øyvind Ellingsens Bleriot prosjekt) Blériot to Norway
Storch-havari på Dombås

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