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Aviation in Canada: Evolution of an Air Force  9780921022237

Aviation in Canada: Evolution of an Air Force

Product code 9780921022237


€ 41.24

Series Aviation in Canada Vol 3

Publisher/Brand Canav

Author Larry Milberry

Format a4

No. Pages 272

Version Hard cover

Language English

Category Aviation Books

Subcategory Canada

Availability only 1 remaining

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This product was added to our database on Tuesday 17 july 2012.

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Product description

Now — here comes Vol.3 Aviation in Canada: Evolution of an Air Force (info, booklist) — the first book in the "popular" genre dedicated to the CAF/RCAF beginnings 1919-39, then the RCAF on the home front 1939-45. You'll be amazed at ACEAF's in-depth coverage. The text is extensive and authoritative, and the content original. Same goes for the nearly 800 photos of everything from the Avro 504 & HS-2L of post-WWI days to the Bellanca, Fairchild & Vedette of the RCAF bush era. As the RCAF matures, it adds its first combat types. These are well featured — from Atlas and Siskin to Wapiti, Shark, Delta, Stranraer, Hurricane, etc. Early Arctic expeditions are described from 1922 on Baffin Island, to the Hudson Strait Expedition, Ferry Command proving flights, and RCAF support for the first modern-day Arctic survey expeditions 1943-45. Talk about full coverage and all Cadillac style.

ACEAF's gives all the essential coverage of the home front 1939-45. A vast chapter covers the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan — Canada's premier contribution to the war effort at home (2010 is "The Plan's" 70th anniversary). This huge chapter includes profiles of aircrew trainees & instructors, supported by wonderful photos. If you had anything to do with the BCATP, you must have this book! Busy home front squadrons are featured in Ch.5, whether tracking & sinking U-boats, patrolling from Newfoundland in Hurricanes, defending the West Coast with Kittyhawks from Tofino to Annette Island and the Aleutians. Other units knit all this together with air transport and rescue services. All this will bowl over anyone with a love for RCAF heritage. Here is a book to absolutely delight any genuine supporter of the RCAF's great heritage.

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