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Cheb 1917-1947 Aviatici a letyadla prvniho vojenskeho Letiste v Ceskych zemich/ Aviators and aircraft of the first military airport in the Czech lands  9788075730770

Cheb 1917-1947 Aviatici a letyadla prvniho vojenskeho Letiste v Ceskych zemich/ Aviators and aircraft of the first military airport in the Czech lands

Product code 9788075730770


€ 22.89


Publisher/Brand SK publications

Author Jiri Jajlich

No. Pages 396

Version Hard cover

Language Czech

Category Aviation Books

Subcategory Eastern Europe

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This product was added to our database on Thursday 16 September 2021.

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Product description

The significance of the old, now non-existent Cheb airport for our aviation history far exceeds the West Bohemian region. It was established during the First World War, as the first permanent military airport in the Czech lands. But the aviators of the Habsburg monarchy did not serve long.
And at first it seemed that the general prospects did not expect him in the new republic either. Its unfavorable geographical location and the related fact that it was a "landscape full of elements hostile to the republic" were to blame. Nevertheless, in the interwar period, in the end it served not only as a base of combat units, but above all as an important center of aviation training of the Czechoslovak Air Force, even the only one of its time. At that time, we find on it almost all types of aircraft that roamed the sky over Czechoslovakia - domestic and numerous foreign ones. And also perhaps all the important and now forgotten aviators, who helped write the history of the then "golden era" of aviation.
The airport was used mainly for training and auxiliary purposes by the German Luftwaffe, and eventually the air units of the Russian Liberation Army were formed here. Although at the end of World War II the old Cheb airport was practically completely destroyed by American airstrikes, it has a firm and permanent place in our aviation history.
About all this, and not only about this, this richly pictorial book (however, the program does not deal with the history of the new Cheb airport, built together with the aircraft factory during the occupation, which is the topic of a special monograph). Although it deals with the content of all three decades of the existence of the old Cheb airport, it emphasizes the first years of its construction and operation, which has so far represented a certain debt of our aviation historiography.
The same applies to some extent to the chapters devoted to its functioning in the interwar period and during World War II, the dramatic conclusion of which put an end to the existence of the oldest permanent military airport in our territory. In comparison with the chapters on the oldest history of Cheb's aviation history, this is an issue that is much better known from a number of other treatises than the interwar Czechoslovakia. aviation, as well as the history of the air war over Czech territory.
A certain compensation for this certain asymmetry may be a much more extensive and informative visual accompaniment, documenting aviation and aircraft of the "golden era" of Czechoslovak aviation. More than 800 images included either unpublished or once published, but now usually in better quality - mostly in the characteristic local scenery, which is dominated by an unmistakable series of eight Cheb hangars.

Unfortunately in Czech Language but loaded with period pictures more than 800 of them! 

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