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Cockpitflight Airbus A320 Condor : La Palma (PilotsEye 97813940358103)

Cockpitflight Airbus A320 Condor : La Palma  97813940358103
Cockpitflight Airbus A320 Condor : La Palma (PilotsEye 97813940358103)
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Subcategory:dvd Cockpit Video`s
Format:110 min
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This product was added to our database on Wednesday 5 October 2011.

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Category Video/dvd, Subcategory dvd Cockpit Video`s, ISBN/Box 97813940358103, Publisher/Brand PilotsEye, Format 110 min, Version dvd, Language German/English

Two spectacular approaches and a beautiful island trip – hosted by copilot Patricia Munich Airport, 5 a.m., humid November fog in the air. It’s the beginning of a gorgeous holiday for the still-tired passengers of the Condor flight to La Palma. For Captain Thomas Lindner’s rested crew the working day begins with the check list routine before takeoff: runway, wind direction, visibility conditions, flight route, amount of kerosene – everything is discussed in this take-off-check. No ice, please! Before take-off in this weather condition, the A320-212 needs to be de-iced. Co-pilot Patricia Gross explains how external temperatures and the de-icing-mixture influence the duration of this process. Landing with about-turn escorted with helicopter Landing in La Palma is spectacular: first straight on in direction of a rock, then in the last second, a right turn followed by a quick touchdown on the airstrip. The difficulty level of this touchdown is even higher as the runway follows the island path – first upward then downward. Full concentration is needed for the pilots! At the end of the runway the A320 needs to make a 180-degree turn to get to the terminal. For full enjoyment of these landing images, PilotsEYE.tv escorted several take-offs and landings by helicopter. Volcano and island romance La Palma is one of the favourite islands of our co-pilot Patricia. Therefore she enjoys showing us some highlights of the island in this PilotsEYE.tv special. We fly to the crater of the San Antonio volcano, and by foot we continue to the banana plantations and a dreamy beach café. 15 knots sidewind – no more landing possible The particularities of this difficult flight e.g. the airport of La Palma is only approachable for pilots with a special permit, and are explained in comprehensible detail as bonus material on the DVD. Co-pilot speaking! In addition to the regular audio, there are also the comments of the co-pilot; she has already seen the movie and is now commenting each situation from her own perspective. By choosing audio track 2 (audio comment) you’ll get first hand information, which makes this flight so attractive and easy to understand. Experience the fascination of flying with PilotsEYE.tv “PilotsEYE.tv shows the viewer not only the fascination of flying but also tells stories about the people in the cockpit”, explains Thomas Aigner, managing director of AignerMEDIA. In each episode of PilotsEYE.tv, the viewer has his/her own personal seat in the cockpit. The reason for this perfect experience are the brilliant pictures in High Definition, a technology that enhances the quality of the DVD. The shots are sharper, colour-saturated and livelier.

Video Trailer see: Condor to La Palma

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