Building the Wingnut AEG G.IV  9781906798420

Building the Wingnut AEG G.IV

Product code 9781906798420

€ 36.65


Series Windsock Worldwide Modelling Special 04

Publisher/Brand Albatros

Author Ray Rimell

Format a4

No. Pages 64

Version Soft cover

Language English

Category Books on aviation

Subcategory World Wars » WW1

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Product description


Liberally- illustrated with over 230 photos,this 64 page modellers' guide to the WingNut Wings AEG G.IV carries an intensive-and extensive-build log of the Early version taking readers through the entire assembly stage-by-stage and presenting large, clear colour photos, interspersed with close-up details of the original aeroplanes both in colour and monochrome covering all departments.Cockpits;armament;Daimler Benz motors and ordnance are among the many aspects presented within the packed pages. Along the way, experienced modeller and author Ray Rimell describes how he enhanced cockpit and interior areas,applied the seemingly-daunting overall hexagonal decal covering in a unique and practical way,as well as providing exhaustive painting tips and rigging suggestions. An easy method of attaching and re-attaching bomb loads is also described.
Six brand new Ronny Bar colour profiles are reproduced to generous size and feature as a pull-out centrefold, whilst the full 1918 Ministry of Munitions report on captured G.105 provides modellers with a unique reference source that with its contemporary notes,photos and sketches explores almost every facet of these fascinating German WWI bombers.Each and every stage of the kits' construction is carefully scrutinised and described -from cutting the very first cockpit parts from their runners to finally pressing the varnished wooden airscrews in place. With a very special Foreword, our latest modelling guide is destined to become a true classic of its kind.

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