Vysoka Modra Zed - Ohlednuti po Letech / High Blue Wall - Looking back after Years

Product code 9788087350935

Series 36

Publisher/Brand Jiri Jakab

Author Miroslav Irra

Format a4

No. Pages 145

Version Hard cover

Language Czech

Category Books on aviation

Subcategory Military Aviation » Rest of Europe

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Product description

Air defense of Czechoslovakia in the early period of the Cold War until 1961.

Security of airspace from ground level to stratosphere, in every day and night and under any weather conditions, is the sovereign right of every sovereign state. It is not a simple task even today, let alone decades ago. The Czechoslovak Fighter Plane PLOSÚ (until 1.11.1954) and the PVOS (from 2.11.1954) in close cooperation with the radio-technical troops and the support of the front-line fighter air force, while fulfilling this task in peacetime, but under bipolar world division. blocks for nearly forty years. Moreover, despite all the manifestations of various statesmen about the necessity of peaceful coexistence, still in anticipation of another possible world conflict, which would probably return human civilization centuries back if it had not destroyed it at all.

Let's try to look impartially, without the deposition of ideological ballast, what really happened around the High Blue Wall, through the eyes of witnesses, direct participants, and in the light of contemporary documents, which, after all, were also direct participants. The time interval 1945-1961 is chosen deliberately, from the post-war beginnings of a basically non-functional air defense of the republic, through the 1950s, when its best organizational model was sought for ten years, until 1961, when the optimal PVOS scheme was adopted. until the late 1980s.

A4, hardcover, 144 pages, 23 color side views, hundreds of photos



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