Lommatzsch Lom57 Libelle Standard 15m wing  CON807223

Lommatzsch Lom57 Libelle Standard 15m wing

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Scale 1 : 72

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Product description

1955 they began the design of a single seat, high performance, wooden glider capable of providing training in advanced soaring and basic "Aerobatics". The first prototype, the VBAL 55 Libelle or Lom 55 V1 for short, had a V-tail">butterfly tail and was first flown 13 February 1957 by Karl Treuter. The V2 had a similar tail and was used for stress testing. Flight testing led to production variants with conventional tails. The Lom 55 and three of its five production variants had a wingspan of 16.50 m (54 ft 2 in) but the Lom 58 and 58/I were Standard Class gliders with 15.00 m (49 ft 3 in) spans. The final variant, the Lom 58/II, had a 16.50 m (54 ft 2 in) span

The first two production Libelles were accepted in August 1958 and the final production total was about 110. Most numerous were the Standard Class variants, of which about 70 were built. Libelles were prominent in national gliding contests; 17 out of 37 contestants flew them in 1959 at the first of these, including the winner, Manfred Blauer. The laminar-wing versions, of which 22 were built, also set national speed and distance records.

The last Libelle in the GDR was retired in 1987.


One civil versions included 

Please note, due to the very high production costs it is unlikely that a new production run of this kit run will be made. So if you want one, get it before they are sold out

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