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Israeli Air Force Paint set (Modern Rotors) (8 colours) (Hataka Hobby HTK-AS71)

Israeli Air Force Paint set (Modern Rotors) (8 colours)  HTK-AS71
Israeli Air Force Paint set (Modern Rotors) (8 colours) (Hataka Hobby HTK-AS71)
€ 22.95
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EU: incl. tax € 19.95
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Category:Scale Modelling
Subcategory:Paint and other modelling fluids
Publisher/Brand:Hataka Hobby
Version:17ml bottles acrylic paint
Availability:only 4 remaining

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This product was added to our database on Monday 23 January 2017.

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Restriction: this product is a paint or lacquer. As a result of international security and safety measures these products are prohibited for transportation by air. The delivery of these products will be restricted to countries in Europe that are being served by road transport from the Netherlands. Any overseas orders containing these products will be adapted. The products will be removed from the order.

Product description

Category Scale Modelling, Subcategory Paint and other modelling fluids, ISBN/Box HTK-AS71, Publisher/Brand Hataka Hobby, Version 17ml bottles acrylic paint

The so-called "1970's desert scheme" was used on IAF helicopters until 1979 (except for AH-1s in Olive Drab), when "Tactical Battlefield" scheme of overall FS30099 was adopted. During 1982 Lebanon War, due to identification problems, yellow "V" symbol was applied to all helicopters with any paint available (later standardized to FS33434). After the conflict, due to IAF's request, helicopters were repainted to lighter FS30145 colour. AH-64s and UH-60A/Ls initially wore original US colour (FS34031), until introduction in the early 2000s of the so-called "Tiger" camouflage scheme.

HTK-AS71 includes standard colours of Israeli helicopters since late 1970s.

The set contains:
•HTK-A256 – Earth Brown – FS30099, standard colour of IAF helicopters (incl. AH-1, CH-53, 500MD and Bells) from late 1970s till 1982 Lebanon War
•HTK-A257 - Uniform Brown – FS30145, standard overall colour of IAF helicopters after 1982. Used on upper surfaces of refurbished UH-60A/L "Yanshuf"
•HTK-A067 – US Army Helicopter Drab - FS34031, standard colour of US helicopters - initial colour of IAF's AH-64A "Peten", UH-60A/L "Yanshuf" and AH-1F "Tzefa"
•HTK-A258 – Stone Yellow – FS33448, used for upper surfaces in "Tiger" scheme of IAF's AH-64A/D "Peten"/"Saraph" and all UH-60A/L "Yanshuf"
•HTK-A012 – Dark Tan – FS30219, used for upper surfaces in "Tiger" scheme of AH-64A/D "Peten"/"Saraph" and US-painted UH-60A/L "Yanshuf"
•HTK-A203 – Sky Grey – FS36463, used for lower surfaces in "Tiger" scheme of AH-64A/D "Peten"/"Saraph" and US-painted UH-60A/L "Yanshuf"
•HTK-A259 – Yellow Ochre – FS33434, standardized colour of yellow "V" identification symbol painted on all IAF helicopters since 1982 Lebanon War
•HTK-A255 – Bright Blue – FS25183, used on upper surfaces of Israeli Navy HH-65A Dolphin and AS565MA Panther ("Atalef") helicopters (operated by IAF)

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