Mr Surfacer 500 (100ml)  B506

Mr Surfacer 500 (100ml)

Product code B506

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Publisher/Brand Gunze Sangyo

Category Aircraft Scale Modelling

Subcategory Aircraft Scale ModellingPaint

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Restriction: this product is a paint or lacquer. As a result of international security and safety measures these products are prohibited for transportation by air. The delivery of these products will be restricted to countries in Europe that are being served by road transport from the Netherlands. Any overseas orders containing these products will be adapted. The products will be removed from the order.

Product description

Spray filler. Please be aware that this is a special import from Japan and all the instructions are in Japanese.
Spray filler. Please be aware that this is a special import from Japan and all the instructions are in Japanese. However herewith some modellers findings:
Mr. Surfacer 1200
The Mr. Surfacer dried very quickly on the model surface and left me with a nice, velvety finish and one coat resulted in excellent coverage. I was able to gently handle the model within ten minutes of airbrushing and it looks like I could go directly to top color paint at this point. If I was going to put down a natural metal finish some very fine sanding and polishing might be needed. Speaking of natural metal finishes; I have spoken to a few modelers that have used this as a primer for Alclad lacquer paints. They have all reported very good results with no lifting or cracking. They have also all reported following the Mr. Surfacer application with sanding up to 3800 grit before spraying the Alclad finish. Since we are using lacquer thinner as a thinning agent here the product will get a very good bite into the plastic so it seems logical that it would work in this application.
Mr. Surfacer 500, 1000 and 1200 are excellent for small corrections, as a follow-up to normal putty work to fill in those occasional little pits or cracks in the putty following sanding, is great for filling small seams, "divots" or gouges and makes for an outstanding all purpose primer.It can be sanded to an unparalleled feather. It cleans up quickly and easily with lacquer thinner and will most certainly make your modeling more pleasant.
This coating is useful for filling in bumps and dents in plastic models, scratches, removing bubbles, and finishing bases. It is suitable for large scale repairs and can be used a soluble putty.

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