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Starfighter Improvement & Correction Set (Hasegawa) (Daco Products C4802)

Starfighter Improvement & Correction Set (Hasegawa)  C4802
Starfighter Improvement & Correction Set (Hasegawa)  C4802 image 1
Starfighter Improvement & Correction Set (Hasegawa) (Daco Products C4802)
€ 49.55
EU: incl. tax € 59.95
Category:Scale Modelling
Scale:1 : 48
Publisher/Brand:Daco Products
Availability:only 3 remaining

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This product was added to our database on Sunday 6 july 2014.

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Mind: this product is an accessory to an existing or to a yet to be assembled scalemodel. The scalemodel is not included and needs to be ordered separately.

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Product description

Category Scale Modelling, Subcategory Detailsets, Scale 1 : 48, ISBN/Box C4802, Publisher/Brand Daco Products

During the designing of the German & Belgian Starfighter decals, and seeing build-up models of the 1/48 Hasegawa Starfighters on various forums and model shows with highlightened rivets all over the wings, stabilo and other places, Daco started with the idea to do a "small" improvement set, as a) the real Starfighters don't have any rivets visible on these places - they were even putty-ed away before painting in real to obtain a smooth surface! - and b) Daco's new decals deserve a more accurate kit...
This small set grew steady from just a few parts correcting the biggest "annoyments", to now up ending with almost 300 unique parts and more than 500 pieces in total.
It includes the wings and stabilo - without rivets and in the correct size (the Hasegawa wings are 2 mm too short in cord and the stabilo 2 mm in span), the missing wing tanks, the three Sidewinder types, various missiles and practise bomb dispensers, recce pods, the 3 different nuclear bombs they were trained to carry over the years, all known ECM & RWR parts for various air forces, everything you need to build a correct F-104S, a complete computer bay including variants on the individual computer boxes, canopy defogging tubings for around the canopy, detailed parts for the German and Italian MB ejection seats, 5 different types of helmets, tow bar and ladder, and so on... so this set will be very usable to improve any Hasegawa 1/48 Starfighter model.
Visiting many Starfighters across Europe and the States during the last nine years, sometimes for just one specific part (like a quick citytrip to Rome for measuring the specific F-104S intakes, to Madrid for the Vicon camera pod, to Berlin for the German exhaust, once more to Italy for their version of the Orpheus pod and the Italian GPS part, to several places within Holland & Germany for the computers and various armaments, and not forgetting the frequent visits to "local" Belgian Starfighters & the several original parts hanging around on Danny's office walls) and with the big help of several other people in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Italy and Japan, this set will be THE F-104 set for everyone who's going to build a 1/48 Hasegawa Starfighter kit.

Also available is the new bible in my "Uncovering the..." book range:
the (T)F-104G Starfighter ! 160 pages completely full of detailed pictures of this mighty jet.

This set is in PLASTIC INJECTION !!!, as the rest of the model kit ! so no resin ! & (relative) cheap!

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