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Breaking the Luftwaffe: ULTRA as a weapon of  the USAAF (expected December 2019)  9781911658108

Breaking the Luftwaffe: ULTRA as a weapon of the USAAF (expected December 2019) (Tempest Books 9781911658108)

€ 18.30
Provisional price
subject to change
EU: incl. tax € 19.95
Category:Aviation Books
Publisher/Brand:Tempest Books
Author:Dan Sharp

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This product was added to our database on Tuesday 13 August 2019.

Category Aviation Books, Subcategory WW2, ISBN/Box 9781911658108, Publisher/Brand Tempest Books, Author Dan Sharp, Format a4, Version hb, Language English

The cryptanalysts at Bletchley Park cracked the German Enigma code but how did the information they deciphered win the war? Breaking the Luftwaffe shows how the deciphered messages, known as ULTRA intelligence, informed almost every move of the USAAF's Eighth Air Force bomber fleet from 1943 to the end of the war. Timely transmission intercepts told the Americans where and when Luftwaffe reinforcements would arrive so their airfields could be bombed, it revealed the exact location of hidden factories building the Me 262 jet fighter, it showed what targets the Germans would defend to the death and what they would allow to be destroyed.
The fury and desperation of the Germans as the daylight bombing raids steadily throttled the Luftwaffe is graphically revealed in their own words via ULTRA intelligence. Historian Dan Sharp assesses the impact of the American bombing campaign as it followed the guiding light of ULTRA to the Luftwaffe's ultimate destruction.

• Offers a unique insight into the motivations of the USAAF
wartime bombing campaign
• Based on original archival research
• Includes text of German secret communications

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