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Various Aviation items

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28 products found
product Publisher/Brand Series Price €
Lockheed F104 Starfighter Instrument Panel (BACK IN STOCK)Lockheed F104 Starfighter Instrument Panel (BACK IN STOCK)Aero Team€ 165.25
F4 Phantom stickF4 Phantom stickExpectedEagle Aviation€ 82.60
Jaguar Control stickJaguar Control stickExpectedEagle Aviation€ 115.66
F16 Fighting Falcon Side stickF16 Fighting Falcon Side stickExpectedEagle Aviation€ 119.79
Stampe SV4 Instrument PanelStampe SV4 Instrument PanelAero Team€ 90.87
Mikoyan MiG21F Instrument PanelMikoyan MiG21F Instrument PanelAero Team€ 140.45
Cessna 182 Instrument PanelCessna 182 Instrument PanelAero Team€ 99.13
Sopwith Camel Instrument PanelSopwith Camel Instrument PanelAero Team€ 99.13
Cessna F337 Skymaster twin Instrument PanelCessna F337 Skymaster twin Instrument PanelAero Team€ 107.40
Hawker Hunter Instrument PanelHawker Hunter Instrument PanelAero Team€ 107.40
Grumman F8F Bearcat Instrument PanelGrumman F8F Bearcat Instrument PanelAero Team€ 107.40
Republic P47 Thunderbolt Instrument PanelRepublic P47 Thunderbolt Instrument PanelAero Team€ 107.40
Vought F4U Corsair Instrument PanelVought F4U Corsair Instrument PanelAero Team€ 99.13
De Havilland Dh82 Tiger Moth Instrument PanelDe Havilland Dh82 Tiger Moth Instrument PanelAero Team€ 90.87
Lavochkin La7 Instrument PanelLavochkin La7 Instrument PanelAero Team€ 99.13
Messerschmitt BF109G-6 Instrument PanelMesserschmitt BF109G-6 Instrument PanelAero Team€ 99.13
Junkers Ju87D Stuka Instrument PanelJunkers Ju87D Stuka Instrument PanelAero Team€ 99.13
Focke Wulf FW190 Instrument PanelFocke Wulf FW190 Instrument PanelAero Team€ 99.13
Supermarine Spitfire MKV Instrument PanelSupermarine Spitfire MKV Instrument PanelAero Team€ 99.13
Cessna 172 Instrument PanelCessna 172 Instrument PanelAero Team€ 107.40
Doppeldecker SwordfishDoppeldecker SwordfishDekomodell€ 74.34
Helikopter AH64D ApacheHelikopter AH64D ApacheDekomodell€ 99.13
Varta Professional Alkaline 4 x 1,5 volt (LR03) (AAA)Varta Professional Alkaline 4 x 1,5 volt (LR03) (AAA)Varta€ 4.09
EarplugsEarplugs€ 1.61
Messerschmitt Me262A Instrument PanelMesserschmitt Me262A Instrument PanelAero Team€ 57.81
Boeing Stearman 75 Kaydet Instrument PanelBoeing Stearman 75 Kaydet Instrument PanelAero Team€ 57.81
Original airport obstruction light, previously used at Schiphol Airport. Prepared for use as light  indoor.Original airport obstruction light, previously used at Schiphol Airport. Prepared for use as light indoor.€ 82.60
Curtiss P40N Kittyhawk Instrument PanelCurtiss P40N Kittyhawk Instrument PanelAero Team€ 57.81

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