Dassault Super Etendard/SEM  9789871682813
Dassault Super Etendard/SEM  9789871682813Dassault Super Etendard/SEM  9789871682813Dassault Super Etendard/SEM  9789871682813

Dassault Super Etendard/SEM

Product code 9789871682813


€ 24.72

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Series Serie Aeronaval No 40

Publisher/Brand Padin

Author Jorge Felix Nunez Padin

No. Pages 76

Version Soft cover

Language Spanish

Category Books on aviation

Subcategory Military Aviation » South America

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Product description

It is an all colour edition, a 76 page booklet with a total of 135 colour pictures plus a dozen of high quality colour profiles.

After four decades, Jorge Padin presents the first of its works in homage to the Malvinas War.

Naval Air Series #40 is much more than the 4th re-edition of the Super Étendard monograph. It is a work that includes for the first time exclusive information on the "Hook Project", for the purchase and commissioning of the Super Étendard aircraft of the 2nd Attack of the Argentine Naval Aviation.
The author Jorge Núñez Padin carefully develops the complex negotiations during the construction of these planes and the training of the assigned personnel. For the first time, facts and circumstances are revealed that will have a decisive impact in a few months. Eyewitness, offers his vision and provides new information about the combat actions during the war. From the initial underestimation by the British forces, through the tragic surprise of the destruction of the "Shiny Sheffield", to the desperate and poorly planned attempts to destroy the planes in any way. The author exposes the delicate and dangerous events of international politics, covert operations of all kinds in several countries, which happened at a dizzying pace in just six weeks. All this confirms why the Super Étendard were the most feared threat by the enemy fleet. Throughout its pages, the recent and controversial purchase of the Super Étendard Modernisé (SEM) is reviewed. Even four decades after the Malvinas War, the commissioning of these planes constitutes a factor of aeronaval power in the South Atlantic.
In the monograph you will find detailed technical information, individual histories of each aircraft, a complete list of all embarked operations, etc.
Plus a unique photographic production, with unpublished and exclusive images of the Super Étendard and SEM, made by Sergio García Pedroche. Also for all the fans, the digital art in the peerless profiles, made by Marcelo Morard for this edition.
The best and most complete work on the Super Étendard and SEM.

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