Fokker F1, Dr1 in 1/32 scale Volume 2  9781906798612

Fokker F1, Dr1 in 1/32 scale Volume 2

Product code 9781906798612


€ 36.65
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Series Windsock Worldwide Modelling Special 10

Publisher/Brand Albatros

Author Ray Rimell, Richard Alexander

Format a4

No. Pages 74

Version Soft cover

Language English

Category Books on aviation

Subcategory World Wars » WW1

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Product description


*An authentic model of F.I 103/17 on the day Werner Voss was shot down, with revised colours and markings, weathering and repairs, all supported by archive photos and detailed captions.

*Over 20 all-new 1:32 scale colour profiles by Ronny Bar providing accurate representations of 19 individual Jasta triplanes including a multi-view centre-spread and all four Meng 1:24 decal options being presented in correct colours and markings. On the rear covers, superbly-rendered port, starboard, upper and lower views illustrating typical factory-applied camouflage, serial and stencil applications from Juanita Franzi.

*Ray Rimell building two 1:32 scale Meng Dr.I examples; an early version in the markings of DR.I 204/17 and a late production machine flown by Jasta 14 in 1918 with step-by-step photo features backed up by special archive photo sections.

*The Meng DR.I 425/17 from Volume 1 reworked to accurately represent the Red Baron's iconic triplane in its ultimate April 1918 appearance.

*The Vintage Aviator Ltd., in New Zealand contributing great colour close-up details of reproduction Le Rhone and Oberursel rotary engines .

*Meng's 1:24 scale Triplane given the in-depth treatment with a heavily-illustrated build log adding extra details, modifications as required, and showing how to apply commercially-available streaked camouflage decals.

For serious modellers of the Fokker Triplane this 74-page resource with its hundreds of unique illustrations, will appeal to an even broader spectrum of WWI enthusiasts, including aero historians, flying scale fans, artists and repro' builders.

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