Testbeds, Motherships & Parasites: Astonishing Aircraft From the Golden Age of Flight Test  9781580072410

Testbeds, Motherships & Parasites: Astonishing Aircraft From the Golden Age of Flight Test

Product code 9781580072410

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Publisher/Brand Specialty Press

Author Frederick A Johnsen

Format 25 x 25 cm

No. Pages 200

Version Soft cover

Language English

Category Books on aviation

Subcategory US » US Jet Aircraft

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Product description
  • First book to focus on the motherships of exotic research aircraft in the Golden Age of flight test
  • Author Frederick A. Johnsen served as a historian with the Air Force Flight Test Centre and NASA, acquiring decades of first-hand knowledge on this subject
  • Featuring many rare, never-before-published photos and technical artwork showing several generations of unique flight test aircraft


Filling a void in major works about rare and exotic flight test aircraft, this book is the definitive work on the converted bombers and transports that served as the critically important launch vehicles to the headline-grabbing X-Planes. Covered are scores of aircraft of all types converted for use as "flying laboratories" to test engines, wings, cockpits, and aerodynamic devices all in the name of aviation progress, including the "parasite" aircraft carried aloft to be launched and recovered by their motherships.

This book thoroughly covers every aspect of mothership, testbed, and parasite aircraft, featuring detailed appendices containing extensive reference material for modellers, historians, and enthusiasts, including a complete listing of known engine testbeds; a complete listing of known airframe mods and systems-test aircraft; and all combinations of U.S. and foreign motherships and parasite-carrying aircraft.

Aviation history is filled with legendary aircraft, but in many cases, the design and development of these brilliant machines were dependent on significant inflight testing of new engines, advanced airframe structures, and the latest in flight control and flight-related systems. The availability of already flying airframes that could easily be modified for specific airborne test work saved years of engineering time, not to mention countless lives of the test pilots who did not have to face airborne risks of the unknown.

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