Phorever JASDF F-4 Phantom II,  Photograph Collection  9784798624822
Phorever JASDF F-4 Phantom II,  Photograph Collection  9784798624822 image 1Phorever JASDF F-4 Phantom II,  Photograph Collection  9784798624822 image 2Phorever JASDF F-4 Phantom II,  Photograph Collection  9784798624822 image 3Phorever JASDF F-4 Phantom II,  Photograph Collection  9784798624822 image 4

Phorever JASDF F-4 Phantom II, Photograph Collection

Product code 9784798624822

€ 64.17

Publisher/Brand Hobby Japan

Author Katsuhiko Tokunaga

No. Pages 192

Version Hard cover

Language English/Japanese

Category Aviation Books

Subcategory US Jet Aircraft

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Product description

PHOREVER, JASDF F4 Phantom II photograph collection book is a special photo book dedicated to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force Phantom, who has been responsible for the defense of Japan for half a century. McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-4 (RF-4) Phantom II, a fighter and reconnaissance aircraft of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, which has been playing an active role in protecting Japan's sky for half a century, was retired in March 2021 after finishing the role. The F-4 Phantom, which is called the "masterpiece of the century , is an extremely popular aircraft, and with the retirement from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, interest in the aircraft has further increased, and it is showing great excitement.' A gorgeous photo book 'PHOREVER' ηontains splendid and dynamic photographs of `Aerial photography master` Katsuhiko Tokunaga, who is highly acclaimed not only in Japan but also overseas, and Richard A. Parrowski, a phantom rider of the US Marine Corps Top Gun In the commentary, the whole picture is captured live! This is a special photo book dedicated to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force Phantom.


--Eye of the Tiger …… Special Contribution, Shinichiro Toda (Former Air Self-Defense Force 306th Squadron Commander)

--Conclusion of a Great Fighter`s Career …… Introduction ? Richard A. Parrowski

--First and Last …… Phantom of the Air Development and Test Wing Squadron

--Mother Squadron …… Phantom of the 301st Squadron

--Migratory Birds …… Phantom of 302nd Squadron

--Maritime Strike …… Phantom of the 8th Squadron

--Reconnaissance …… Phantom of the 501st Squadron

--Early Days …… Air Self-Defense Force Phantom Squadron Edition Year History

--F-4 unit deployment …… Phantom squadron formation list


"PHOREVER" is not just a special high-end glossy aviation "coffee-table"
or "reference" book on the F-4EJ & F-4EJ Kai compiled from the best, most dynamic and meaningful airborne pictures taken by Katsuhiko Tokunaga himself, but the book serves as a glorious salute to all those men and women in over a dozen air forces around the world who flew, maintained, and supported the beloved and feared F-4 "Phantom II."

Sadly, because the F-4 Phantom now has become history all around the world passing out of the mainstream operational air force inventories.
This final sortie into retirement is beautifully recorded in "PHOREVER"
showing clearly how the Japanese Air Self Defense Forces adapted such a dignified & honorable way to do this retirement with each Squadron as they ended their "Phantom Experience."

An emotional expose by Shinichiro "Tiger" Toda, retired Colonel JASDF, one of the highest F-4 flight time pilots and former Officer Commanding, 306th Squadron, serves as a proper introduction setting the stage for a sober time in the hearts and minds of so many dedicated personnel who gave the best years of their lives to the F-4 Phantom as they served their Air Forces and countries.

The F-4 experience with the Japan Air Self-Defense Force spanned a very intense period of half a century that also saw the Phantom as a critical transition platform from the 3rd to 4th generation fighters and because of so many high-tech extensions of the Phantom's service life its capabilities enabled it to be a transition platform also to the present 5th generation fighters. Another remarkable feature that burns in the legacy of the world's greatest fighter.

For those of us who lived with and flew the Phantom on a daily basis our experience with the jet covered the main thrust of our lives, or precious youth and it was the instrument by which we served our armed forces and in reality, it was what we lived for.  We risked everything with every sortie as we sought excellence with a jet fighter that demanded it.  Weak pilots and aircrews could not excel in combat with the F-4, to be great with the F-4 you had to be great in your own professional competence and warrior spirit – in essence it was the true Samurai's fighter plane – no regrets and never second place.

It was quite "a time to be flying" and definitely quite "a ride" but it also was a soul wrenching series of experiences that tested us over and over.  Without the seed of a military trained mind that resisted everything that doesn't make sense and despising of all forms of rules from those unworthy of our respect, we too would have been sprouting up
flowers at some national cemetery.   All of us who knew the Phantom
personally are here now and we can reflect on all that we have shared with the greatest jet of all times.  We at times may have been all "wrong" in our outlandish behavior at the Officer's Club but what we were doing in brandishing squadron comradery was for all the "right"
reasons keeping the warrior ethos vibrant and alive, very much real for all of us to cherish and emulate – hell it was all we had, let's face it.  How else could you get up at 04:30am and start zipping up a G-suit, walk out to that beautiful beast and really feel that things couldn't get any better.


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