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Aviation Books

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3648 products found
product Publisher/Brand Series Price €
RAF BE12a/bRAF BE12a/bAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 66€ 10.05
Mil Mi24 HindMil Mi24 HindOspreyCombat Aircraft Series 14€ 4.54
F3D SkyknightF3D SkyknightGinterNaval Fighters Number 4€ 15.55
Rotary Wing FlightRotary Wing FlightASA€ 15.55
Bristol Fighter Vol:1Bristol Fighter Vol:1AlbatrosWindsock Datafile Special€ 20.14
Gevechtsvliegtuigen 14-18 deel 1Gevechtsvliegtuigen 14-18 deel 1De AlkGrote Alkenreeks€ 3.62
Flying Tiger; a crew chief`s storyFlying Tiger; a crew chief`s storySchiffer€ 43.07
Grumman AF GuardianGrumman AF GuardianGinterNaval Fighters Number 20€ 13.72
SB2U VindicatorSB2U VindicatorSquadronIn Action 1122€ 11.88
RAF RE5/7RAF RE5/7AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 62€ 13.95
Hansa Brandenburg W12Hansa Brandenburg W12AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 61€ 24.72
McDonnell Douglas F15 eagleMcDonnell Douglas F15 eagleFlugzeugFlugzeug Profile 16€ 10.96
Eagles Recalled: Air Force Wings of Canada, Great BritainEagles Recalled: Air Force Wings of Canada, Great BritainSchiffer€ 82.84
McDonnell XF88 VooDooMcDonnell XF88 VooDooGinterAir Force Legend Nr 205€ 11.88
Fokker DVIIIFokker DVIIIAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 25€ 14.63
 Siemens Schuckert SSW D.3 - D.4AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 29€ 17.39
Phoenix DI/DIIPhoenix DI/DIIAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 31€ 14.63
Spad 13.C1 (revised)Spad 13.C1 (revised)AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 32€ 13.72
Sopwith TriplaneSopwith TriplaneAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 22€ 14.63
Sopwith PupSopwith PupAlbatrosWindsock Datafile Special€ 21.97
 The Best of Windsock vol. 2AlbatrosThe Best of Windsock€ 11.47
Handling The Big Jets (Third edition)Handling The Big Jets (Third edition)Civil Aviatino Auth.€ 55.00
Vickers VimyVickers VimyAlbatrosWindsock Datafile Special€ 14.63
The Canadair North StarThe Canadair North StarCanav€ 31.15
The Canadair SabreThe Canadair SabreCanav€ 38.49
Rumpler C1Rumpler C1AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 79€ 15.55
Fighter Squadron 14 - Tophatters  (FS14)Fighter Squadron 14 - Tophatters (FS14)SquadronGroups/Squadrons 6173€ 11.88
North American AJ1 SavageNorth American AJ1 SavageGinterNaval Fighters Number 22€ 20.14
Avro ShackletonAvro ShackletonHall ParkWarpaint Series No 6€ 12.80
Albatros Experimentals, Forgotten Fghters 1Albatros Experimentals, Forgotten Fghters 1AlbatrosWindsock Datafile Special€ 17.39
US Navy`s Strike Warfare CenterUS Navy`s Strike Warfare CenterConcord PublicationConcord 1029€ 6.38
 Huey, a Helicopter LegendOspreyOsprey Military Aircraft€ 9.13
Airco DH10Airco DH10AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 38€ 10.96
Junkers J.IJunkers J.IAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 39€ 15.55
German Guided MissilesGerman Guided MissilesSchifferSchiffer Mil.Hist.Vol 65€ 13.30
 Grumman XF10F-1 JaguarGinterNaval Fighters Number 26€ 9.13
Bristol Fighter in actionBristol Fighter in actionSquadronIn Action 1137€ 11.47
Die Geschichte der LuftpolizeiDie Geschichte der LuftpolizeiFlugzeug€ 22.89
Wet Wings and Droptanks; Recoll. of American transcontinental. Air Racing 1928-1970Wet Wings and Droptanks; Recoll. of American transcontinental. Air Racing 1928-1970Schiffer€ 48.58
Nieuport Fighters Part 1Nieuport Fighters Part 1AlbatrosWindsock Datafile Special€ 20.14
Flying Score Boards, Aircraft Missions and Kill MarksFlying Score Boards, Aircraft Missions and Kill MarksSquadronSpecial 6061€ 10.81
 AEG G.IVAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 51€ 15.55
 Focke Wulf FW190-TA152: Entwicklung, Technik, EinzatsMotorbuch€ 22.89
Martin AM1 MaulerMartin AM1 MaulerGinterNaval Fighters Number 24€ 11.88
Hawker Hurricane MkXIIHawker Hurricane MkXIIVerlindenLock On No.25€ 11.88
Nieuport Fighters Part 2Nieuport Fighters Part 2AlbatrosWindsock Datafile Special€ 20.14
RAF BE2ERAF BE2EAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 14€ 14.63
Halberstadt CL.IVHalberstadt CL.IVAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 43€ 10.05
Fokker EIIIFokker EIIIAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 15€ 17.39
Red Ladies in WaitingRed Ladies in WaitingSquadronSpecial 6065€ 14.63
Arab Air ForcesArab Air ForcesSquadronForeign Air Forces 6066€ 13.72
Sopwith SnipeSopwith SnipeAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 46€ 18.30
Gotha!Gotha!AlbatrosWindsock Datafile Special€ 25.64
LFG Roland DIILFG Roland DIIAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 47€ 10.05
North American F100A Super SabreNorth American F100A Super SabreAerodata Int. Publ.Aerodata Intl.18€ 4.54
Junkers Ju87 Stuka vol.2Junkers Ju87 Stuka vol.2Schiffer€ 11.88
The Naked Pilot; The Human Factor in Aircraft AccidentsThe Naked Pilot; The Human Factor in Aircraft AccidentsAirlife€ 16.47
Fokker DVIIFokker DVIIAlbatrosWindsock Datafile Anthology 1€ 24.72
F/A18 HornetF/A18 HornetMotorbuchFlugzeuge die Geschichte€ 18.30
AEG C.IVAEG C.IVAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 67€ 15.55
The AMC DH2The AMC DH2AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 48€ 18.30
LVG Roland CIILVG Roland CIIAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 49€ 17.39
Airco DH5Airco DH5AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 50€ 11.88
Ryan FR1 Fireball & XF2R-1 DarksharkRyan FR1 Fireball & XF2R-1 DarksharkGinterNaval Fighters Number 28€ 13.72
 Historie LockheedfabriekenWYT UitgeverijAvia Reeks:4€ 3.62
Douglas XSB2D-1 & BTD-1 DestroyerDouglas XSB2D-1 & BTD-1 DestroyerGinterNaval Fighters Number 30€ 9.13
Albatros D.III (OEF)Albatros D.III (OEF)AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 19€ 15.55
Sopwith CamelSopwith CamelAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 26€ 17.39
Pilots` Information File 1944: The Authentic World War II Guidebook for Pilots and Flight EngineersPilots` Information File 1944: The Authentic World War II Guidebook for Pilots and Flight EngineersSchiffer€ 22.89
Messerschmitt BF109Messerschmitt BF109AJ PressHuppeldepup 1 ipv ML8€ 7.29
Spitfires, Thunderbolts & Warm BeerSpitfires, Thunderbolts & Warm BeerBrassey`s€ 21.06
Grumman F9F-6, -6P NATOPS Flight ManualGrumman F9F-6, -6P NATOPS Flight ManualSchiffer€ 27.06
Vlucht door de Tijd; 75 jaar Nederlandse LuchtmachtVlucht door de Tijd; 75 jaar Nederlandse LuchtmachtKLu€ 22.89
Hungarian Air Force 1939-1945Hungarian Air Force 1939-1945SquadronForeign Air Forces 6069€ 13.72
Ryan FR1 FireballRyan FR1 FireballSquadronMini In Action 1605€ 6.88
Bell H13 SiouxBell H13 SiouxSquadronMini In Action 1606€ 14.63
Bristol BeaufighterBristol BeaufighterHall ParkWarpaint Series No 1€ 11.88
DFW C.VDFW C.VAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 53€ 10.96
RichthofenRichthofenAlbatrosWindsock Datafile Special€ 29.31
Focke Wulf Fw190 (same as Flugzeug Profile !!)Focke Wulf Fw190 (same as Flugzeug Profile !!)SchifferLuftwaffe Profile Srs 4€ 20.14
US Navy Wings of Gold, From 1917 to the PresentUS Navy Wings of Gold, From 1917 to the PresentSchiffer€ 56.20
Heinkel HE112 in actionHeinkel HE112 in actionSquadronIn Action 1159€ 13.72
Attack & Conquer, the 8th FG in WW2 (8FG)Attack & Conquer, the 8th FG in WW2 (8FG)Schiffer€ 57.75
Junkers JU87 StukaJunkers JU87 StukaHall ParkWarpaint Series No 3€ 11.88
 Hansa Brandenburg W29 (SPECIAL REPRINT)AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 55€ 27.48
Sopwith 2F1 CamelSopwith 2F1 CamelAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 6€ 15.55
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley MK1 to MKVIIArmstrong Whitworth Whitley MK1 to MKVIIHall ParkWarpaint Series No 21€ 13.72
Douglas F5D-1 SkylancerDouglas F5D-1 SkylancerGinterNaval Fighters Number 35€ 9.13
Su25 all variantsSu25 all variants4+ Publication€ 12.80
Four Came Home: The Gripping Story of the Survivors of Jimmy Doolittle's Two Lost CrewsFour Came Home: The Gripping Story of the Survivors of Jimmy Doolittle's Two Lost CrewsPictorial Histories€ 15.61
Vickers FB5Vickers FB5AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 56€ 12.80
Albatros C1Albatros C1AlbatrosWindsock Datafile 57€ 12.80
Vickers GunsVickers GunsAlbatrosWindsock Mini Datafile 6€ 9.13
Samoloty Mysliwskie 1935-1937 (Fighters 1935-1939)Samoloty Mysliwskie 1935-1937 (Fighters 1935-1939)Jerstan€ 8.30
Lotnictwo mysliwskie Japonii; historia i barwa (Japanese Fighters of WW1 (Part 1))Lotnictwo mysliwskie Japonii; historia i barwa (Japanese Fighters of WW1 (Part 1))Husu€ 8.30
Douglas XTB2D-1 SkypirateDouglas XTB2D-1 SkypirateGinterNaval Fighters Number 36€ 10.30
Winged Springboks 1934-1996Winged Springboks 1934-1996Spring Aircolour schemes Special 3€ 6.38
Grumman F11F TigerGrumman F11F TigerGinterNaval Fighters Number 40€ 21.06
Albatros C.VIIAlbatros C.VIIAlbatrosWindsock Datafile 77€ 14.63
 Junkers Ju88Hall ParkWarpaint Series No 7€ 11.88

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