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WW2 US Aircraft

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158 products found
product Publisher/Brand Series Price €
Vought OS2U Kingfisher ws-111Vought OS2U KingfisherHall ParkWarpaint Series No 111€ 15.55
Douglas SBD DAUNTLESS 7041Douglas SBD DAUNTLESSKageroTopdrawings 41€ 15.55
P-51/F-6 Mustangs with the USAAF in the MTO, Asia and Pacific SMI19012P-51/F-6 Mustangs with the USAAF in the MTO, Asia and PacificKageroSMI Library 12€ 13.72
Sikorsky S-43/JRS-1 Amphibian NFN103Sikorsky S-43/JRS-1 AmphibianGinterNaval Fighters Number 103€ 25.64
Spitfire a Curtiss P40 v SSSR (Spitfire and P40's in USSR service) JAK-A027Spitfire a Curtiss P40 v SSSR (Spitfire and P40's in USSR service)Jiri JakabAero 27€ 6.38
Douglas C54/R5D Skymaster & DC-4 ws-109Douglas C54/R5D Skymaster & DC-4Hall ParkWarpaint Series No 109€ 21.06
F4U Corsair in WWII MMP-SP10F4U Corsair in WWIIMushroom Model PublicationsSpotlight On 10€ 21.06
Martin Mariner and Marlin ws-108Martin Mariner and MarlinHall ParkWarpaint Series No 108€ 16.47
P39 Airacobra v USSR & MiG3 JAK-A020P39 Airacobra v USSR & MiG3Jiri JakabAero 20€ 6.38
American Aircraft Development of WWII: Special Types 1939-1945 American Aircraft Development of WWII: Special Types 1939-1945Crecy Books€ 32.06
F6F Hellcat In Action (UPDATED REISSUE) SQ1216F6F Hellcat In Action (UPDATED REISSUE)SquadronIn Action 1216€ 21.06
B26 Marauder in Action (UPDATED REISSUE) SQ10210B26 Marauder in Action (UPDATED REISSUE)SquadronIn Action 1210€ 21.06
Supermarine Spitfire MkIX/XVI and others 7029Supermarine Spitfire MkIX/XVI and othersKageroTopdrawings 29€ 15.55
North American P-51 Mustang B/C/D/K models 7028North American P-51 Mustang B/C/D/K modelsKageroTopdrawings 28€ 15.55
F4U-1 Corsair Vol. 2 F4U-1 Corsair Vol. 2Classic Warships PublishingAircraft Pictorial 8€ 18.30
The Famous B-24 "Witchcraft": The Enchanted Liberator, a Unique U.S. Bomber's Experience During WWII The Famous B-24 "Witchcraft": The Enchanted Liberator, a Unique U.S. Bomber's Experience During WWIISchiffer€ 34.82
Petljakov Pe2 in Czechoslovakian Service JAK-A009Petljakov Pe2 in Czechoslovakian ServiceJiri JakabAero 9€ 5.46
Grumman F6F Hellcat vol.I SMI19009Grumman F6F Hellcat vol.IKageroSMI Library 9€ 14.63
Curtiss P40 Warhawk (Tomahawk/Kittyhawk) SMI19010Curtiss P40 Warhawk (Tomahawk/Kittyhawk)KageroSMI Library 10€ 13.72
Vought F4U Corsair vol. II AM56Vought F4U Corsair vol. IIKageroMonografie 56€ 16.47
F4U-1 Corsair Vol. 1 F4U-1 Corsair Vol. 1Classic Warships PublishingAircraft Pictorial 7€ 18.30
OS2U Kingfisher OS2U KingfisherClassic Warships PublishingAircraft Pictorial 3€ 18.30
Republic P47D Thunderbolt JAK302Republic P47D ThunderboltJiri Jakab€ 16.47
Consolidated B24 Liberator WS-96Consolidated B24 LiberatorHall ParkWarpaint Series No 96€ 29.31
PBY Catalina in Action SQ10232PBY Catalina in ActionSquadronIn Action 10232€ 21.06
Luftwaffe versus USAAF 8th Air Force Vol I 12019Luftwaffe versus USAAF 8th Air Force Vol IKageroAir Battles 19€ 11.88
Brewster Buffalo Brewster BuffaloLanastaWarplane No.04€ 12.80
Boeing B17 Flying Fortress WS-90Boeing B17 Flying FortressHall ParkWarpaint Series No 90€ 18.30
B17G Flying Fortress in IWM Duxford and Private Collections in Detail WWBIDS8B17G Flying Fortress in IWM Duxford and Private Collections in DetailWings & WheelsIn Detail Special No8€ 33.90
Martin B26 Marauder & Douglas A26 Invader in Combat Over Europe SMI19004Martin B26 Marauder & Douglas A26 Invader in Combat Over EuropeKageroSMI Library 4€ 13.72
B29 Superfortress Combat chronicles SQ36002B29 Superfortress Combat chroniclesSquadronSpecial 36002€ 26.56
Martin PBM Mariner Martin PBM MarinerLanastaWarplane No.01€ 12.80
Grumman TBM/TBF Avenger WS-87Grumman TBM/TBF AvengerHall ParkWarpaint Series No 87€ 18.30
Northrop BT1 NFn90Northrop BT1GinterNaval Fighters Number 90€ 18.30
Curtiss SOC Seagull NF89Curtiss SOC SeagullGinterNaval Fighters Number 89€ 22.89
Grumman F6F Hellcat WS-84Grumman F6F HellcatHall ParkWarpaint Series No 84€ 17.39
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Bubbletop MMP6128Republic P-47 Thunderbolt BubbletopMushroom Model PublicationsMushroom Mag. Spec. 6128€ 20.14
B25 Mitchell in RAAF Service B25 Mitchell in RAAF ServiceRAF in CombatAllied Wings No 9€ 15.55
Consolidated PBY Catalina WS-79Consolidated PBY CatalinaHall ParkWarpaint Series No 79€ 21.06
Curtiss P40 Tomahawk/Warhawk WS-77Curtiss P40 Tomahawk/WarhawkHall ParkWarpaint Series No 77€ 15.55
North American B25 Mitchell WS-73North American B25 MitchellHall ParkWarpaint Series No 73€ 15.55
Vought F4U Corsair WS-70Vought F4U CorsairHall ParkWarpaint Series No 70€ 18.30
The Grumman FF The Grumman FFRAF in CombatAllied Wings No 6€ 15.55
Martin B26 Marauder WS-69Martin B26 MarauderHall ParkWarpaint Series No 69€ 15.55
The Dauntless in RNZAF Service The Dauntless in RNZAF ServiceRAF in CombatAllied Wings No 5€ 15.55
P51D/K Mustangs Over The Third Reich 12005P51D/K Mustangs Over The Third ReichKageroAir Battles 05€ 16.47
Northrop BT1 Northrop BT1RAF in CombatAllied Wings No 3€ 14.63
The P51 Mustangs of Major George Preddy, booklet with decals EAG72100The P51 Mustangs of Major George Preddy, booklet with decalsEagleCals€ 31.15
The P51 Mustangs of Major George Preddy, booklet with decals EAG48100The P51 Mustangs of Major George Preddy, booklet with decalsEagleCals€ 31.15
Lockheed Hudson MKI to MKVI WS-59Lockheed Hudson MKI to MKVIHall ParkWarpaint Series No 59€ 14.63
SB2U Vindicator SB2U VindicatorSquadronIn Action 1122€ 13.72
Douglas A20 Boston / Havoc WS-32Douglas A20 Boston / HavocHall ParkWarpaint Series No 32€ 14.63
P51 die geschichte eines legendaren jagdflugzeuges 1057P51 die geschichte eines legendaren jagdflugzeugesFlugzeugFlugzeug Profile 37€ 10.96
North American P51H Mustang NFAF209North American P51H MustangGinterAir Force Legend Nr 209€ 21.06
Chance Vought F6U Pirate NF09Chance Vought F6U PirateGinterNaval Fighters Number 9€ 9.13
McDonnell F3H Demon NF12McDonnell F3H DemonGinterNaval Fighters Number 12€ 25.64
Republic P47 Thunderbolt 809012380XRepublic P47 ThunderboltMBI/SaggitaMBI/Sagitta Srs€ 13.72
Grumman F4F Wildcat F4F WILDCATGrumman F4F WildcatHall ParkWarpaint Series No 9€ 12.80

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