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Sukhoi Su25 (Jiri Jakab 9788076480117)

Sukhoi Su25  9788076480117
Sukhoi Su25  9788076480117 image 1Sukhoi Su25  9788076480117 image 2Sukhoi Su25  9788076480117 image 3Sukhoi Su25  9788076480117 image 4Sukhoi Su25  9788076480117 image 5
Sukhoi Su25 (Jiri Jakab 9788076480117)
€ 7.29
EU: incl. tax € 7.95
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Category:Aviation Books
Subcategory:Soviet Jet Aircraft
Series:Aero 66
Publisher/Brand:Jiri Jakab
Author:Jakub Foijtik
No. Pages:52
Version:Soft cover
Availability:In stock

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This product was added to our database on Tuesday 3 March 2020.

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Product description

Category Aviation Books, Subcategory Soviet Jet Aircraft, ISBN/Box 9788076480117, Series Aero 66, Publisher/Brand Jiri Jakab, Author Jakub Foijtik, Format a4, No. Pages 52, Version Soft cover, Language Czech

The battleship Su-25 is one of the literally iconic types of Soviet aviation design school. It is a wonderful example of purpose-built design, where most parameters were fully subordinated to simple assignment in the form of requirements for maximum resistance to damage, the ability to operate from almost any conceivable area and the load capacity of a large amount of equipment. The key was not so much instrumental accuracy to guide the ammunition to selected targets, even when it was due to the installation of laser rangefinder in the bow to a qualitative promotion to a new level, rather rather the ability to approach the enemy at a distance that dangerous, which would increase the probability of enemy intervention. And although the Su-25 is often reported to have been driven by plans to develop competing US A-9s and A-10s, it is in fact the result of parallel thinking by various USSR experts who have arrived at the same time as the US to the conclusion that there was space for a heavily armored subsonic type capable of destroying enemy ground-based equipment at short range on a promising battlefield at that time. The qualitative development of ground forces and anti-aircraft protection led to a situation where the average number of interventions necessary to eliminate enemy ground forces from combat increased. To this fact designers responded by developing aircraft category A-10 and Su-25. Although in Czech the booklet includes a lot of beautiful Su25 pictures from all over the world!! Alone for that it is recomended!


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